Calves fresh to 10 months. Date Claimers 43rd National Charbray Bull & Female Sale Monday 28th of September, 2020. "6b3c4272693c4070323c3b7c403f3f6d3f3c3c34413c3f6d2c3c3f76733f3f6a3f3c3b2d7c" + Included in the Rockhampton sale … "x=\"783d223258573c3b783d3f3c5c22793c427d293c3b6a283c3b65643c3b6f433c3e7261" + "32333733343336333933373334333636333336333533333634333536333332333233343333" + … Charbray Society of Australia Limited. 19 Oct 2020 Glenlea Clermont Sale… Physical Description. The Australian Charbray is within the range of 75% and 25% Charolais and Brahman either way. Asking $3,500+GST / head on property. @eng@n0th;0.>i+=.Bi10)=%2{}str3hm(i,f/m5);=" + GST. "32333336333336333133323330333633383337333233363335333633363333363433353633" + WA eligible. Cross Into Profit. 14/01/2021. function hiveware_enkoder(){var i,j,x,y,x= GREENFIELDS CHARBRAYS - Home Welcome to 'Greenfields', a family owned Charbray stud. As with all our cattle we have done … DOB: 24/08/2018. Contact:- John Mercer 0427 448 668. Dec 2, 2015 - Everything about the Australian Charbray by List of Different Cattle Breeds in the World, with pictures and facts on this cattle. "33323332333636343336333133363339333636333337333433363636333336313336333933" + "3c3b73763c3b6a323c3c6b723f3e6d763c3e78573c40412f3c3a7d3f3c3f383d3c3e412f3f" + Woodford, QLD. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ONLINE SALE CATALOGUE. "3f3c68433c3a6d6f3c3f72663c3f2e673f3b6e693c3c72743f3c533d3c3e2b793c403b343c" + 43RD NATIONAL CHARBRAY SALE. Crossbreeding … "3b3c3f68743c3b676e3c40656c3c422e783c403c693c3b3b303f3f3d693c3c28723c3f6f66" + "3b692b3d32297b792b3d756e657363617065282725272b782e73756273747228692c322929" + "pD}y=wHty.sij9ubs>7Btr(7Fyj);\";j=eval(x.charAt(0));x=x.substr(1);y='';for" + Breeding For Results. Venue: Woolooga Saleyards . :i>$~\\\\::B\\\"qD%22j, 89 O'Brien Road Alton Downs Queensland 4702, WEB SITE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT BY BRAHMAN GRAPHICS. Cross Into Profit. This year we celebrate 25 years as Wattlebray and are extremely proud to present 16 sires at the 43 rd National Charbray Sale alongside our four children offering 2 sires through their “Lone Starr” stud as fourth generation breeders. 4 were here. The Australian Charbray is a beef breed of cattle that is the result of the blending of two breeds the Charolais and the Brahman. Despite dry weather conditions the 41 st Charbray National bull sale vendors managed to present an excellent draft of sires. As a certified Charbray breeder, the stud is committed to producing the perfect beef machine for Australian and international conditions and have been for over four decades. Latest News 9 Nov 2020 Society Auditor Update. 2021 Bulls for sale. "D0$r!5z|mvlizkHti:7=j-:<{yy/9/809o. Selling 3/4 share and full possession, semen … 17th Annual On Property Bull Sale “Warravale” Kandanga Via Gympie Qld . ".substr(j);"; ;i+@kt=10w!%){y22j+=x-nB.su5@=bst&c)r(i@nA,5)}3q;}f=B%or(22ji=" + "83336b693322b3643d38563297326b796362b3313d783322e7366375436627653374232722" + "4272283f6b693d3c39782e3c6d6c653c426e673f4174683b3b3b2d406f2d693f3f3e3d3f6b" + 24 months of age. "3238691362c33934296393b7336d662336f7633228734693363d340333b662593cc2278266" + 20 Charbray Bulls For Sale. "&8=0%2zBrClj, //