Mangalore, Varkala, Gokarna, Chirala, Covelong, Antarvedi, Karwar, Marawanthe beaches? What was the chef thinking when he made the very nutritious idli? So stats doesnt give right or ego to any individual to behave in rude obnoxious behavior to other communities . Like most of them are around 5 5 or so. They totally don’t mind that the North Indians don’t know and seldom make an attempt to learn the regional language. But not always and not everyone. Ever gave a thought to Hampi? They say a few Indian crows when let with African crows,gathered in group and ate away from the other. So rude! is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with LuLu Hypermarket Customer Service. So longas they dont physically hurt me and too rude. . Large ostentatious weddings are much more common in north Indian states, such as Punjab, than in the south. Their beliefs give them a false sense of entitlement and superiority where they believe they have a right to say what they want to whomever they want as … Pongal, Deepawali, Ugadi and festivals like that aren’t promoted and celebrated with joy. It's classy, not funny. No doubt, the reason is that Hindus are economically and politically a marginalized group in Kerala. How helping others can be harmful. Being a little short tempered, i got into a fight with him. #2 Every nook and corner in Kerala you will see Hindu temples, Muslim mosques and Christian Churches; and unlike many other parts of India, people live happily without communal riots and great religiuos tolerance. IIT Madras is in South India, it’s one of the top IITs know? All south Indians are not madrasis. I’m pretty sure landscapes aren’t supposed to look so dull. Chennai is the Banking Capital Of India, Coimbatore is the Textile Capital Of India, Guntur is the City Of Chillies, as well as the City Of Spices. Also, South Indian food is easy on stomach. Seriously, who likes the temperatures of 20 degree even in crazy hot summer? The transport systems are much unmanaged – did you know that BMTC, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation has the highest number of Volvo buses in the whole country? Myth: Punjabis are loud. The lungi is so funny. 1. Still have questions? 2. How about the Nilgiris? I completely agree with you. So lame, know? Fact: No, we’re just hard of hearing. We speak to a few in the capital city to know what they think. communism has unfortunately taught keralites only about their rights not their duty. Other thing is the language and culture- those who think that hindi is our national language, its for their kind info that it is NOT our nationl language. Boat houses complete Kerala. Less pleasant, but indicative of the same qualities, is the fact that shopkeepers and hotel clerks can be astoundingly rude: service is not a notion that comes easily to the Keralite laborer. South Indian cities are always lost in traffic jams. Image Source. How nasty they are. when you die does that mean you don't remember enything? It treats your taste buds without taking a toll on your digestion. Every state in india has its own background. With weddings truly spectacular! ... but at times of the kings and queens many were from north and were whiter so they marked blackest ones as untouchables so the south people are blacker.And south indians are intelligent too , so jellious . While minorities run 3340 schools in the state, the entire Hindu jatis… South Indians are rude. one reason probably why keralites are hated especially in gulf is because of their history. Bangalore has Wonder La? Bollywood is so not dependent on them. Back stabbed, back biters and ruthlessly insensitive for their gains are invariably reports about all of them. Let's see what some of them are, 1. Hint: Free-flowing alcohol is a big problem. You can find contact details for LuLu Hypermarket above.. is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully … Imagine that. Added is communist ideals of grabbing from rich without really using wisdom. People across the country were aghast at the badgering that the entire country was subjected by a section of Keralites whose only purpose seemed to be to put everybody else on the defensive. Have you seen the Keralites in their white-gold saree for every Onam? Though rough and rude at times I found that Keralites generally made an effort to extend sincere hospitality to friendly foreigners, after all they have a long history of playing host to visitors. From experience, I have been backstabbed by a Keralite. You have to be a malayalee to understand. Secondly like some others have said being tactful, respectful and waiting your turn is a foreign concept, in a country that has 3 + Billion people, it's a first come first served way of thinking. Idli is one of the most wholesome foods out there and can be paired with various curries, chutney, rasams. I am a Keralite studying in Pune.