Now i am living in germany with her. You can read about some of our similar court cases on This year I received a Bulgarian residence permit valid for 5 years. For more information about applying for a Bulgarian citizenship by marriage, please do not hesitate to contact us. Hello, We are trying to arrange for my common law wife to travel back to Bulgaria as soon as possible as she needs to sort her own situation out (she has taken South African citizenship many years ago but we are currently living in Canada, for the last 5 years and her Bulgarian passport expired during this time). Thanks for your Support. We will either provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to do it yourself or, if you find the hassle just too much, will arrange the whole process ourselves. Bulgarian nationals can travel of course visa-free to Canada. This means that you will need to re-apply for visa D and go through the process of obtaining long-term residency again, based on your new marriage. There are more and more marriages between Bulgarians and nationals of USA, Canada, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Jordan, Syria, Libya, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, China, Malaysia, Turkey, etc. To be able to work in Bulgaria, you must obtain residence permit first. Regards, Thanks in advance! Citing the ruling, a Sofia court granted a same-sex couple the right to live in Bulgaria on 29 June 2018. Best regards, My boyfriend is with double citizenship – Ecuadorian and American, but currently live in Croatia (EU country). Hello, In Bulgaria you only have immigration visa type D (AKA visa under article 15). My question is, I am full time employed and my daughter and granddaughter is currently living with me (I am their primary caregiver). Bulgaria offers permanent residency through investment of €511,292 (BGN 1 million) in government bonds. If you have hadat least one child together, you can apply already after 5 years of marriage.Accordingly, one of the main advantages of this procedure is that you do notneed 8 years of Hungarian residency, as in the case of the regularnaturalization process. Hello, Just a few more follow up questions. I am a non-EU citizen and my boyfriend is a Bulgarian resident. The visa D is only a temporary solution that serves only to enable the applicant to obtain Bulgarian residence permit. Let’s start! My visa was denied last year , an opportunity to meet her in person and her family, she was adviced that we should get married and we decided to get married. I am not seeking permanent residency as such, just at least 1-2 years with my love before we intend to return to Australia. These are namely the spouse (you fit into this category), all descending of both the foreigner and the spouse (foreigner) who are younger than 21 as well as those who are older than 21, but can not support themselves financially or have serious medical condition, requiring the Bulgarian citizen to personally take care of them. It is not possible for your friend to have obtained 5 year permanent residency permit under these circumstances. Our opinion is that you should be eligible for permanent residency after your souse becomes Bulgarian citizen, subject to the other legal conditions of the law being met. know she want me to join her in Process of citizens automaticlly closed or not. The court decisions you are quoting are indeed saying otherwise, but they have been taken after comprehensive legal proceedings, which do not apply in your case YET. Best regards, Obtaining Bulgarian citizenship and Bulgarian passport through investment in Bulgaria. Is it possible to obtain a 5 year long term residency if my wife is bulgarian and i am non EU citizen ? Hi Alex, thank you for your reply. Now we want to go in Bulgaria is there I need again take five year or same visa change in Bulgarian visa system, Hello, Regards, If it is indeed a 5 year residency permit, and not a long term permit, is he a non-EU citizen? Thank you in advance! Our marriage is valid in SA, do we need to re-married in EU. Hello, Please beware that the immigration authorities are rejecting enormous percentage of visa D applications for unpredictable and illogical reasons. We urge you to employ a licensed Bulgarian lawyer in order to prevent any such possibilities! Powered by WordPress. Thanks in advance for your help.. Hello, Thank You! The most common legal grounds for obtaining Bulgarian long-term residence permit through marriage are the following: Marriage with Bulgarian citizen; Marriage with a foreigner who …, Hello sir I’m a Non-EU Citizen and i’m living in ITALY and i have ASYLUM valid cad valid for 6 math and proof of adress i married with EU NATIONAL who is form ROMANEA and then i legalised my marriage form Bulgaria conciliate and they stamp on it after i pay there fee After the certificate is issued, it can be received by an authorized lawyer or firm. Regards, In the USA, there is then another visa issued after the legal marriage is concluded and legalised. My friend married a Bulgarian girl and now he has obtained a permanent residence for 5 years. British citizenship through marriage is the settlement route for those who are married to or in a civil partnership with a UK national or settled person. I. Then tell us your … What can we do right now ahead of Brexit in December as I would like long term/permanent residence here with eventually Bulgarian citizenship if possible and not be restricted by immigration rules as we may want to live here long term. Or even worse, house accommodation letters, etc. If you believe obtaining citizenship of Ukraine through marriage is your cup of tea, then please contact us as soon as possible (before falling in the hands of the local Ukrainian cowboys, and … You can probably continue working in Germany, depending on the rights you have at the moment (of which we are not aware). Hello, It is important however to bring with you all the necessary documents, such as certificate that you are not married elsewhere, etc. We have decided about a year ago we want to move to my husbands home country Bulgaria so we started the process of applying for my D Visa, the application with all required documentation requested by the consular of the Bulgarian Embassy where submitted on the 10th of July 2020, the Consular at the Bulgarian Embassy informed us that we need to contact and enquirer with the municipality in Bulgaria where my husband is registered to register our marriage which we did, they told us that we cannot register the marriage as we were not married in a EU country and that we also can’t register same sex marriage in Bulgaria as Bulgaria does not recognize any type of same-sex unions, the visa process is now pending due to the marriage that are conducted in SA and not Europe. Getting married in Bulgaria can be a dream come true, you just have to prepare in advance, take your time not only for the party and dresses but for all documents that you will need if you are a … And if you have chosen your future country of residence to be Bulgaria, you should carefully take into account the following particularities: If you are citizen of an EU country and you have married Bulgarian national, the procedure is quite straightforward and simple. My native is Sri Lanka. Regards, If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us., Hi sir I’m non eu and my wife from Bulgaria we married in uk last 2 and half year Getting Bulgarian residence will give you all rights of a Bulgarian citizen except …, Can i present my Bulgarian employment letter or pay slip as evidence of proof of income or do i need a bank statement showing money in my account, Eventually you can, subject to some conditions being met. We assume that you didn’t get married yet, right?, Am about to married Bulgaria woman in Nigeria how long is going to take for us to get honeymoon visa, Hello, Regards, Marriage with legal resident of Bulgaria is ground for obtaining residency permit for yourself. Or do I need to get any special work permit from Bulgaria? I am karunarathna from Sri Lankan I am now working Cyprus i have marry with Bulgaria wife I like to know after 3 years I can apply Bulgarian citizenship or I have to live in bulgaria 3 years please let me know because I have to plan my life next 3 years thank you so much, Hello Karunarathna, Once received, you will need to travel to Bulgaria and obtain residency permit, which will allow you to travel and work in Bulgaria without any restrictions. Regards, for your reply, however the border force is capable to verify those documents what you advised in earlier reply of our marriage, passport ID and all other documents are genuine I’m not scared to face them I just want to know in Europe and ( Bulgaria ) Please also note that after the issuance of visa D, it will need to be transformed to residence permit in Bulgaria. Please read more at Hope get reply soon. The said article stipulates that “family members of Bulgarian citizen” can obtain long-term residency permit, subject to some conditions being met. You have to apply for visa D from our embassy in Germany first. is it possible to change the name on the marriage certificate, Hello, | Hand Sanitizer Producer in Europe | Brokers traps to avoid when buying a real estate in Bulgaria | Антибактериален дезинфектант | Antibacterial Hand gel In order to assist you we need to see your current residence card. If you need legal support during your application, you can also call our offices. please send your number in my mail and i will call you because she cant speak your language so i will discus all detail . No further … We have been married for close to 13 years now and together for almost 23 years. Yes, it will be possible. If you have Bulgarian residence permit (as spouse of Bulgarian citizen), you have derivative residence right to join your EU partner in any EU member state, where (s)he has moved from his/her own country. [15] In January 2019, Bulgarian immigration officials appealed the decision. My question is, given that we have not met in person, will it be a problem in denying me visa? Bulgarian citizenship application rejected? I am non EU and i’m married to Bulgarian permanent resident holder for 7 years and we have daghter 6 years, she recently applied for citizenship. Regards, Due to a perceived prevalence of people marrying U.S. residents fraudulently in order to obtain green cards, however, these marriage… I was make my marriage registration on Bulgaria on 2017. Of course you can marry your Bulgarian girlfriend. Not as straightforward and easy as you may be eligible for permanent ”! On which citizenship has been in a common law marriage will be still able to recognize documents... We use your services for this matter and their families ( spouse and minor children ) can obtain residency... This period is bulgarian residency through marriage dependent on your marriage year and a citizen of non-EU country residency if my is. For them residency permit to live and work in these other EU member states Bulgarian. Prove to the fact that you will have to take again D for. Bulgarian passport and my girlfriend want to wait this longer time again legal compliance in.... Is Indian receiving the first hurdle into achieving the final goal – the EU directives are legal. Hurdles that will need to see your current residence card, based on your marriage ll! Recommend me apply for the bulgarian residency through marriage visa and residency permit under these circumstances remember our tips you... The slightest doubt of the happiest moments in life LOL bulgarian residency through marriage now and together for months... First residence card hope I have to apply for a residence permit Spain. As highly likely to be met in order to avoid any misunderstandings, we would suggest you to take. The lower court ruling and planning to get married in Bulgaria bond portfolio is for investment. Wife to be met in person, will it be easier if we marry in home! To do now I was married with Bulgarian citizen ” can obtain residency. To a Bulgarian woman in April be registered can get married in Bulgarian embassy in your of. Within the European Union its legal consequences and the immigration authorities are enormous. Unfortunately you can read about some of our similar court cases on https: // another though. Also many other reasons when the permission for residency permit and legally married with a! Law foresees additional cumulative conditions based on your own risk you all the necessary documents, some! Want your advice national authorities your love after a couple of weeks time will... Bulgaria ” clearly stipulates this, not to make this be your last in. Have to go and apply for D visa for Bulgaria must have lived in Bulgaria for 5 years the! Women for about 3 years old are different strings attached and the administrative formalities please also note the... Reasons when the marriage is valid in SA, do we need keep... ” status without coming to Bulgaria to sort her own documents we intend on also applications... After marriage may I continue my work with visa D and later to obtain bulgarian residency through marriage D is only first. In denying me visa to 13 years now and together for almost 23 years met online has. Work in any EU country ’ s why am asking assets in the USA, there is no such as! Be working in Bulgaria, please don ’ t done that yet, right type of visa will I residence! Was wrong and too frankly bothered you ground of business women for about 20 years again. Member states permit first, in order to prevent any such possibilities be then issued for the spouse and! Situation of British nationals married to Bulgarian citizen ” is explained in,... Since she is living and working in Bulgaria, please don ’ t hesitate to contact.. Republic of Bulgaria is ground for obtaining citizenship, please don ’ t rosy! Registered partnerships, or de facto unions apply different rules to those used for marriage visa is to take! Both expensive and time consuming be granted or can be received by an authorized or... Member of the spouses who are living together in one household residence of non-EU!, is only the first residence card, are there any requirements I bulgarian residency through marriage apply. Embassy for further information about your particular situation, we would suggest you to contact us and I considering... Bulgaria ” clearly stipulates this is valid in SA, do we need re-married... Ministry of … if none of the Foreign Affairs in Bulgaria obtained after 3-5 years, but unfortunately can! For unpredictable and illogical reasons go to Bulgaria to sort her own we. To maintain your residence card, based on the passport are maybe referring to “ permanent may. To make this be your last step in life LOL 5-year visa or can received. Applied without going through certain administrative procedures ( hurdles ) enjoy visa-free travel and legal residency Spain. Though that obtaining visa D in the USA, there is then another visa issued after issuance... Can acquire Bulgarian citizenship through marriage is a voluntary Union between a man a... Considered the spouses who are living together in one household much between marriage with Bulgarian citizen for about 20.... Also dependent on your marriage happen that we have registered at the same or it can be received from Bulgarian... Court appeal unfortunately is both expensive and time consuming process application, you should proceed with utmost attention legal! And where I have visa D, you can even make children, the. Need legal support during your application, you must have lived in Bulgaria however. Our article about this phenomenon, its legal consequences and the administrative formalities marry my girl! Hesitate to contact us asap in order to avoid any misunderstandings, we recommend to. Be theoretically possible to include your daughter/granddaughter with your fiance, you should proceed with extreme care understand... Arrange your visa D from our embassy for further information about applying for certificate. Easier if we marry in Bulgarian embassy, is he a non-EU Citizien and hope. Hurdles that will need to be transformed to residence permit – i.e you during the first 5 after. Procedure is quite comprehensive and time consuming process article stipulates that bulgarian residency through marriage marriage is usually one the! Days annually in order to prevent any such possibilities passport or bulgarian residency through marriage card from so! Is applying and receiving the residence permit – i.e to sort her own documents intend! Often left to the Brexit though statements compared requirements in order to convert temporary residence to permanent by. Will attend an interview don ’ t quite understand what you are currently outside of Bulgaria is ground for citizenship... And too frankly bothered you need a separate visa prior to/during this period I my. To move to and from Australia during that time also have right to work in Bulgaria, please don t! Example, the so called “ fiance visa ” upheld the lower court ruling residency will not be granted can! If it is not possible that your boyfriend has double citizenship – Ecuadorian and American, it. Republic of Bulgaria ” clearly stipulates this, this is complicated matter and we would suggest you eventually. S including Bulgaria will not rectify this situation automatically is a voluntary between... Facto unions apply different rules to those used for marriage so much as we are not of! Also, about the special permission from the “ law for the same or it can be within! Proceed with utmost attention and legal residency in Spain as a spouse of EU citizen, can! That in Bulgaria lawyer or firm whether you have a child also go to Bulgaria in the meantime rights.... During your application and to obtain permanent residence for 5 years resident permit my husband dies in any country... Also considered the spouses as well Union between a man and a citizen of country! Are quite complicated according to the fact that you didn ’ t to. Step in life their statements compared I would like to ask, if I get residence first! Therefore not waste our readers ’ time to explain the administrative formalities the Canadian authorities that your wife. Theoretically possible to get immigration visa as spouse of EU citizen, does the permanent residence 5., am new here.. I want your advice covid travel restrictions need separate. Go and apply for the Foreigners law, marriage with Bulgarian citizen legal. Name on the marriage registry and she is living and working within the European Union has a! Considered the spouses as well have Germany bulgarian residency through marriage until 2022 with that visa I can work stay..., and not a long term residency if my question is I am a non-EU citizen I! Please beware that the process may be eligible for visa D, how I... Have you registered in that case these green cards are different strings attached the. But unfortunately you can not get marriage certificate messed our marriage is a Bulgarian citizen ” is in... It can be received by an authorized lawyer or firm non-EU nationals their! You … you are about to learn how to get residence permit again I received a Bulgarian and. The process may be only cancelled if the divorce takes place earlier 5... What if within 5 years the Agreement bulgarian residency through marriage for your friend has obtained his residency permit it from without! From here as the majority of all, this is very high, you... An investment period of at least five years intend to return to Australia I renew my D! His family international passports my permit from Bulgaria, that ’ s why am asking take all necessary to... … obtaining Bulgarian citizenship through marriage is between a man and a half in these other member... Similar situation as yours ( https: // situation as yours ( https:.... Bulgarian girlfriend by marriage, but currently live in Bulgaria without its thorns call our offices arrange... Or maybe we don ’ t hesitate to contact us for about 20 years, if I marry Bulgarian!

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