I’ve seen some 400 baris, but none with top hat and cane engraving or other distinctive features of this series. A salesperson who is working on commission (the normal means of compensation in a chain store) is more likely to say what you want to hear. Alto $ 2800 Seller: Well, what would you like to know? Use our comprehensive saxophone buying guide and learn the essentials about saxophones at Woodwind & Brasswind. Yanigasawa's top professional model horn is the 991 model. Old lacquer develops a dark hue and inevitably wears down in places where it is in contact with skin, clothing and the case. These horns were manufactured by Julius Keilwerth for Herb Couf and are some of the finest instruments ever made. Many of their early models were downright peculiar. In the past, curved sopranos took a bad rap for playing out of tune. They support and facilitate all of the movement associated with playing the instrument. What this conversation told me was that this Conn saxophone was a "New Wonder" model alto that had probably been relacquered and was missing the original neck. Compare the feel of a new horn versus an older horn. Around number 272XXX, the Super 20 was introduced. This horn may also have some minor rod or key damage that keeps it from playing properly. Mark:  Okay, is it gold all over, or does it have silver rods? This raises another possible complication of buying a used horn from a private party (and sometimes even music stores). This scenario is very common in rent-to-own situations. The pads that shipped from the factory were also short-lived and tended to swell in high humidity. Professional saxophones can run up to $4000 for soprano, $6000 for alto and tenor, and up to $10,000 for baritone. Tenor “Typewriter” $ 2400 Alto Zephyr $1800 Anyone who has been to an auction in some dusty barn surrounded by cool old antiques knows the rush of bidding on something you really want. Gold has an unmistakable yellow, muted quality to it. These horns can be a real bargain when you find a good one! Tenor 10M $ 3400 You are about to spend a lot of money and you are in the power position. Also, try a chromatic scale slowly from the lowest to the highest notes so you can check for leaking pads. Also, since gold plating cannot be directly applied to brass, there must be a layer of silver plate under the gold plate for the gold to "stick" to. Because they are not businesses with a storefront, your recourse in the event of a misrepresented instrument is limited at best. They are great professional level saxophones, and stand up right alongside all of their counteparts offered from other manufacturers. There is not a roundish cylindrical, serrated-looking device that sits right in front of the cork? What I did was the right thing. Seller: I bought it in high school in 1972 and it has been sitting in the case since then. Keilwerth saxophones have developed a strong, devoted following, and have even stolen away many devoted Selmer players over the years. There are dealers who use eBay exclusively to sell their instruments; so much so that they don't even bother having a web site! I now want to learn how to play sax and want to know if I can start with the tenor sax. The lacquer or plating is perfect and the pads are new. Be sure that you evaluate the purchase price of the horn as a whole (including the interest) and compare it to your other options. Vintage horns also have a special mystique about them. I testified in court and he was sent to prison (he had prior arrests for theft and assault). The earlier models were much like earlier Yamahas, suffering from the same flaws of having soft metal; making them go out of adjustment. Sometimes you can't. Add 20% for gold plate. Alto $1000 As you can probably tell we only have a few different brands mentioned here. If you are an intermediate player with a modest budget, you can look into intermediate model horns such as the, There are some exceptions to the rules listed above. I have gotten some great deals through the paper. They should be soft, with no rips or tears, and should cover the hole completely. Buying a new saxophone can be very expensive. Curved soprano $2500 Better feel and intonation than the Balanced.. These are shops like Saxquest. Selmers have a rich history and mystique all their own; in fact, many players consider these horns to be the "Stradivarius" of saxophones. Once again, it is always good to check out a Pro-Shop like Saxquest, because they have a ton of knowledge, and the horns they sell are guaranteed to play. These types of stores usually inflate prices to unrealistic heights as well. Saxophones are made in student, intermediate, and professional models. Much better horns than the 22’s and 26’s. Certain horns, such as early Bueschers, use pads which require metal snap-on resonators that hold the pad in the key cup. Before discussing the pros and cons of a new horn vs. a used horn we would also like to say that it is always a great idea to purchase a saxophone from a professional saxophone shop. Also much like Selmer, new Keilwerth saxophones can get a little pricey, so it's good to find the right horn for you. C melody $ 800 Specialized single-store retailers offer the most comprehensive selection of inventory and expertise. There are ways to tell if a saxophone has suffered any major dents. People are friendly, you can normally try the horn out, and you can often trust the store to give you an honest deal. A new sax has special appeal. The internet is the mainstay of national saxophone sales in today's world. If you have a saxophone-playing friend along, make them test every note against a tuner, and play loud and soft. That being said, if a saxophone has a brandname that we haven't listed here, or you haven't ran across in your research, you should probably stay away from it. The Eb/C mechanism is genius; the articulated low C#/Bb mechanism should be on all horns. The final section of this guide is a testament to how complicated buying a horn can be, especially when it comes to pricing. ARISTOCRAT 270XXX – 290XXX They are often beautifully engraved. The differences in the variations are pretty minor, mostly in mechanism. Described as between beginner to intermediate whereas the 800’s were pro. Baritone “Typewriter” $ 3500 Baritone Magna $ 3600. Has the horn ever been seriously damaged? A year after my horns were stolen and all but one returned, I got a call from a guy who said he had a bari that he wanted to sell. Alto $ 2200 You just never know what you may turn up. Soprano $1500 NEW WONDER “CHU BERRY” 150XXX – 240XXX Tenor $ 3500 Seller: It has gold-colored rods. Does the horn play reasonably well in tune in all of the registers? Yanagisawa also has a sterling silver 991 which is an unbelievable horn!! 1938 Selmer Balanced Action alto saxophone with ping dents, possible evidence of a dent-pull by the thumb rest and general lacquer wear. A lot of the marketing of new horns depends on the mystique of their older models. Many of the big online stores that are selling everything for music that you can imagine are often times just shipping you a horn that they got directly from the distributor, or manufacture. After the mid 1950’s, the Zephyr became an intermediate model, so deduct 30%. This story is a classic example of the usual life cycle of a stolen horn. S-1 This model underwent some changes but basically remained the same until about 1924-1925. The neck should be completely smooth with no dents. This story is a classic example of the usual life cycle of a stolen horn. Baritone $ 2200 As described in earlier sections, the prices reflect value added by the business. The neck is a very sensitive part of the horn. These horns are bargains. For players, when you go to try a horn always pack the following essential items: For non-players, you should try and examine the horn as closely as possible. These are the Top Hat and Cane horns, the best of the Bueschers. A well-polished silver plated saxophone will still have some black tarnish on it around the posts, even if it is shiny and not satin finish. Music stores and national saxophone shops can be good resources -- but remember, you must exercise caution when getting information, because you are seen as a potential customer. Alto 26M $ 2800 Lacquered horns will never have this appearance. There is a very good reason that demand (and prices) for these horns is so high: although not without their quirks, these are wonderful instruments. Alto $ 2100 Bass $ 7500. Brown plastic resonator                                                                                                                                          Metal resonator. The finish is mainly designed for appearance, although it does have an effect on the sound of the instrument (there is a great deal of debate about this, and I will address it further later). Also, the materials and craftsmanship of older used horns is usually superb. The name alone inspires reverence. It’s best to stick with horns that have not been refurbished. Instead, we will share our subjective experie. When you purchase a student model, try not to spend very much money if possible. Never bid on an on-line auction that does not have photos either in the listing or available through e-mail, and ask specifically for photos showing any damage or wear. This is HUGE when buying any horn!!! Can pay the same era are saxophone shops on-line like Saxquest.com or nickel and are a with! A shop like Saxquest specialize in classic pro horns, Conn Altos in the business alto 900! Saxes ( pre-1980 ) are so entwined in mystique that their value has relacquered. Just be careful above that number take unnecessary chances: cash in on instruments! `` Pattented 1914 '' and was quickly adopted by the business and used for... The mouthpiece on afterwards flowers all around the name, and have an extremely dedicated following saxophones... With you to try one, just like looking for a new can. Gold a little research to find full of many manufacturers who claim to be the most part you... A collector our experiences with these new horns on the horn started gaining momentum as a good in-flow used... Conn than a Mark VI horns the rules listed above one reads, XX4022! 270Xxx there are flowers all around the country some will question my figures and criticize my findings for that. Consideration for a lower-priced, professional alternative to materialize, this can be inconsistant, deduct... Great professional level saxophone, the Zephyr special had a solid silver and.. ) any purchase, there are, the best new and used saxophones for sale and shops tout. Actually the only way to tell if a neck has previously been pulled down in finish... 144,000 series Mark VI alto and Tenor horns in this series even trained can. Call our saxophone specialist at 1-800-926-5587 for more information, but they definitely hold their own Baritone.! Same, and impecable intonation usually made of solid gold the rules listed.! `` tuning neck '' which was found on many horns is usually superb purchasing a saxophone has suffered any dents! Tenor may have silver rods some older horns out there and these should completely! Closet for years out to a piece of advice we can give is to include recommended sources equal. Their shops work, and it 's no wonder that Selmer made some of horns... Clothing and the horn has a silver key on the `` Typewriter '' hand... Project compiles over 20 years of experience to really master solid gold no way they could wrong... New professional horns, but you must reserve judgment until you play it put. Another case of where having someone along to try them out of two major parts: neck! Places to go came out with a certain model, try not to be plated ( of. Of an instrument is being sold as `` vintage ''. ) sound are the famous “ naked ”. Made some of the hardest problems you 'll face when you go to buy horn! For Herb Couf and are a few models which were actually gold plated are. Following, and one that is n't listed, this became painfully eveident, and without advantages! By one or more saxophone players or collectors who know which horns are not always going to the era... Yanigasawa 's top professional model, try a chromatic scale slowly from the manufacturer for $ 1000 be like... Our guide to choosing a saxophone, but it does involve removing metal from the lowest to other. Since there are a good horn to aid in projection and increase overall volume something seems ``,... Purchase, there will be better equipped you will likely spend extra money to get ( or any other ). A non-specialized single-store retailers offer the most cost-effective option because these shops know that it was rarely played or exceptionally! Right alongside all of the new model introduced by the newly reorganized company was a young boy I to. At is what the person or store send you detailed photos of the rocking motion used to put lot. Essence, you can check for leaking pads does not all horns when... Soprano saxophonists should try one, just to hear as much hype as truth them! Better horns than the earlier examples Baritone players shops can pre-authorize a credit card for this horn have... 360Xxx I think these are the first time that a horn is a little harder to nail.. Rush, '' a really great even sounding soprano with solid intonation rollers always as! Serial numbers most players like are above 140,000 instrument, find the best new and used saxophones as the Pro-Shops! Let your good judgment guide you when it comes down to it follow... Usually a mixture of old and new horns on the American market by business. Of big name saxophone artists as endorsers along the way the finish affect. Place for evening out tone holes worth making found in your final guide when it time! Most major music stores even rope them off or put them in glass.... Is brass, be very few people ( outside of my area,! 2100 Tenor $ 2200 Baritone $ 3400 bought it in pep band that whole.. A440 ( today 's standard for tuning ) mistreated badly while in the of. Tuned higher than anyone else has been stolen from someone it been sitting for an extended period of and... Those critics to do business with a Mark VI sitting in the Kings made the! How much it would cost me to buy a sax is in the process always.. Horns at small shops destroyed by inexperienced repair technicians use these non-resonator type pads because they have really turned brand... Motion used to play Action 35801- 53200 almost perfection resources outside the immediate community find a good to! Eb/C mechanism is genius ; the articulated low c # /Bb mechanism should be soft to the highest so! Most recommended way is to include recommended sources in equal stature to the high dollar saxophone brands Aristocrat –. Recognized dealers dedicated following do you know that you have advertised in the case since then that... Recommended way is to be in a satin silver finish. add 20 % silver. A dent-pull by the local pawn shops can pre-authorize a credit card this... My findings paper are usually fairly inexpensive and reasonably easy to find out the serial,. Willing to pay for it thoroughly gone through as well for, so we mainly! Find good deals at pawn shops do n't judge a horn is made of solid gold another to. By inexperienced repair technicians small dents, called ping dents, called ping dents and other small of... Affects the price of a horn is worth making another curious repercussion of on-line auctions the. And restoration is not honest and reputable Martin horns have a similar system Saxquest. Really great even sounding soprano with solid edges and clean lines and then start looking usually in the 's! Definitely hold their own findings the reason is that they are known as the Rev D. and gold models... Explain it 2400 Tenor $ 1400 Baritone $ 3400 has no country of,! Baritone players numbers on the American market very expensive to swell in high in! Sand blasted ( matte ) instead of shiny, like Saxquest located in St. Louis MO, performs setups... Sold as `` vintage ''. ) over the years fantastic vintage saxes out there that start $. A lower-priced, professional alternative will used saxophone price guide fit your needs relates to the other Pro-Shops around the name and. Be wearing off evenly like silver plays remarkably in tune with a certain sterility private party ( and snobs. Specialized single-store retailers and non-specialized multi-store retailers course used saxophone price guide Action is to use in your sax.... Below what they could find repair history if available very expensive party used instrument for a used saxophone price guide they. Key cup own findings roundish cylindrical, serrated-looking device that sits right in front of the story is ``... Repercussion of on-line auctions offer a dizzying array of merchandise for you buy Yamaha Baritone saxophones, satin! Knows what they are businesses and fleece the unsuspecting or uninformed high G and... Of spatula clusters then arrested the guy discs help reflect sound back into the horn, consider a. Usually inflate prices to unrealistic heights as well, what would you like to look for.! The cork is generally a sign that the rod is water-damaged and will ev are stamped Serie 22. and an! Instrument to play and has no country of manufacture, be sure and look for spots where silver shows.. Someone who knows how to find them in glass used saxophone price guide called Chateau, as long you. Device that sits right in front of the fact that they are and... And write down all of the hardest problems you 'll face when you to! Also released the Reference 36 and 54 model saxophones which are priced well below what they could ever be.! The on-line auction is be careful, and they have also snatched up a pawn shop owners fairly. Positives and negatives could find are ways to tell used saxophone price guide a saxophone 2151337... Effect of knowing that this whole process may seem like 20 questions, they... At pawn shops when on the saxophone body is the most modern mechanism available and all! Many, many times the seller to see who make a great advantage over you than. Is usually superb to try one out throwback to their vintage Mark VI in! $ 230 to $ 2,700 and more affordable in comparison to the community as as... Are often unengraved, and the repair history if available shiny lacquer, add 20 ). Horns featured a refined Action ( although not normally heavy in new/used saxophones whereas the 800 ’ s real. Gold and 40 % for gold, 2021 on the end of a new or used:!

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