A leader company focussed on reducing the gap between IoT Technology and businesses

Creating real IoT solutions and new business models to fulfill companies needs.

Symplio is a tech company which services products using IoT technology, providing solutions integrated into the strategy of a variety of businesses.

We are a native IoT company created in 2010. The founders have been developing IoT concepts for over 15 years.

With a recognized competence, Symplio’s team develops new smart solutions for the sportaintment, entertainment and the industrial sector.

Symplio, what else?

6 main reasons that make the difference

  1. Visionaries

    One of the first to understand that the third industrial revolution will be the Internet of Things.
  2. Evangelisers

    Explaining and encouraging the benefits of IoT, and participating in the most relevant forums.
  3. Recognised

    Internationally accepted as a reference in the IoT’s world and now working with major partners.
  4. Experienced

    Creating new IoT products and putting them in practice in the real world.
  5. Competence

    Growing with experts in marketing, data analysis and business.
  6. Focussed on business

    Transforming IoT Technology to fulfill companies needs, creating new business models.


One life working on the Internet of Things

  • Year 2016

    Symplio launches its GohFan solution into the market. Working together with Sisteplant, the activities of planning and development of a new IoT solution have begun to bring solutions to Smart Factories. The new website of Symplio is launched.

    - First concepts of Smart Factories Solution (March 2016)
    - GohFans solution launch (March 2016)
    - New corporate web site (March 2016)
    - The partnership with Cisco International is closed (October 2016)
    - Symplio is invited to participate as Cisco Partner in Basque Industry 4.0. (September 2016)

  • Year 2015

    Two new shareholders join the company and agreements of partnership with MICROSOFT, GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT and SISTEPLANT are closed. The first Release Candidate of GohFans is launched.

    - The partnership with Microsoft is closed (June 2015)
    - The signing of a collaboration agreement with Sisteplant and Global Entertainment (December 2015)
    - First Release Candidate of GohFans is launched (December 2015)

  • Year 2014

    The first experience with connected devices in a worldwide sport event is created (FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014). The workings of development of the GohFans solution begin.

    - Final prototype of Smartscarf (April 2014)
    - Smartscarf in FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014: first experience with connected devices (September 2014)
    - Symplio is invited as an IoT leader company in the 3rd APD National Congress (October 2014)
    - Start of the development of GohFans (December 2014)

  • Year 2013

    Symplio begins the planning of a new solution to make the digital experiences of fans a reality. Working together with the world's leading companies of the sports sponsorship, new business models using IoT technologies are explored.

    - Symplio starts to explore other concepts of solution: digital experiences of fans (April 2013)
    - First functional prototype of Smartscarf (September 2013)
    - Smartscarf is tested with leading companies of sports sponsorship (October 2013)

  • Year 2012

    Rymble is evolved improving its features and technical capabilities. A new version of the product is born: Cyrcle. Symplio USA is created for testing the product in that market.

    - Final design of Rymble (September 2012)
    - Symplio USA and Symplio UK are created (October 2012)
    - From Rymble to Cyrcle: second version of the product (November 2012)
    - Cyrcle is tested in Kickstarter (December 2012)

  • Year 2011

    Start of operations. A new type of connected gadget for people with a new digital lifestyle is conceptualized: Rymble. Symplio wins Postscape’s Best 2011 Consumer Product Award.

    - Symplio starts operations (January 2011)
    - Prototype of first Emotional Internet Object: www.rymble.com (June 2011)
    - Rymble wins Best 2011 IoT Consumer Product Award (October 2011)