lecithin and phosphatidyl choline don’t have estrogenic issues from what I hear.
(4) Then, the crude soy oil goes through a ‘degumming’ process, wherein water is mixed thoroughly with the soy oil until the lecithin becomes hydrated and separates from the oil. }} } );jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_conditional_logic', function(event, formId, fields, isInit){} );, [gravityform id="9" title="false" description="false" field_values='popup_name=B12'],
Around 8 months ago, all of the cheese brands started putting soy lecithin in it. I BETTER STOP ANY MILK/CHEESE FOR GOOD. Consuming Roundup causes leaky gut syndrome. Even more alarming is the phytosterols found in soy lecithin are structurally similar to the synthetic estrogen diethylstilbestrol (DES). I use a bread-maker, put it in pans to cook, and cut with electric knife. Many people add soy to their diets for health benefits. Placeholders.enable(); That is, small amounts over a period of time. Estrogens in the daily diet: In vitro analysis Nyle, When you say “emulsifiers” that is a pretty wide net you are casting. Hope this is useful/interesting to some readers out there . And yes it IS in EVERYTHING!
  • The powder form is processed in a way that removes the estrogen part of the soy. Noticed a foggy fatigue after taking the soy version, about 500mg, which is not considered to be a high dose. I know with a fact what contains soy and what doesn’t. I concur and if you happen to have an adverse reaction to it, as I do, even small amounts are quite damaging. Derived from soybeans, soy is a high-protein substance found in many foods, such as edamame, tofu, soy flour, and soy milk. (5) However, it appears that the FDA doesn’t regulate the amount of hexane residue in food products, and one paper estimated that the residual hexane concentration of soy oil is 500-1000ppm. It is hands-down the most delicious almond milk I’ve tried. }} } );jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_conditional_logic', function(event, formId, fields, isInit){} );, [gravityform id="9" title="false" description="false" field_values='popup_name=Heartburn/GERD'],
    Reinforces the absorption. An in vitro analysis found a significant amount of estrogenic activity in soy lecithin granules and in food containing soy lecithin as an emulsifier. The anti-phytoestrogen sentiment comes from two things: A case study of a man who developed gynecomastia (man boobs), low testosterone, and very high estrogen thanks to the soy … Our mission is to help practitioners, health coaches, and health enthusiasts get the information they need to prevent and reverse chronic disease. Lecithin is known as natures detergent. While soy lecithin derived from soy oil sludge is not necessarily a problem, it is what this waste product contains that gives the most reason for concern. A good, clean diet with plenty of probiotic food, as well as eliminating the cause, can help repair the gut. Arthritis causes the stiffening of joints and … [5]. Some reported adverse reactions from this supplement include mild to moderate nausea and stomach discomfort. Severe abdominal cramps – diarrhea and or constipation Soy gets a bad rap for its phytoestrogens, which bind to your estrogen receptors and mimic human estrogen. Read up on human data that is undeniable and does not have other variables/factors at play (ex: The China Study). Paleo dieters avoid the brunt of it by eliminating most processed foods, but it almost always pops up in chocolate (everyone’s favorite honorary Paleo food) and often appears in supplements. Soy Lecithin Some people have raised concern that my Pre JYM and Post JYM contain soy lecithin. Overall don’t feel well My son (5) is severely allergic to soy and has been since birth. It’s also a good idea to make sure your detox systems are functioning effectively. Everything I eat I make from scratch. blood was negative. Let’s be clear: Calcium and magnesium salts are insoluble in water and will sink to the bottom. [7] The Center for Science in the Public Interest also considers lecithin safe. }} } );jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_conditional_logic', function(event, formId, fields, isInit){} );, We’re exposed to hundreds of chemical toxins, detox systems are functioning effectively, Effects of a Commercial Soy Lecithin Preparation on Development of Sensorimotor Behavior and Brain Biochemistry in the Rat, https://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v519/n7541/full/nature14232.html, Become a Functional Medicine Practitioner. I DID THE SKIN AND BLOOD TEST. The hair loss could be caused by the estrogenic activity of the lecithin. It can also be found in some supplements. © 2021 Chris Kresser. The important thing to remember, with lecithin and all other material we consume is an old adage used in the chemical industry. Also, he has been completely bald on top for 20 years and now has some hair there. FDA. I have set up my marketplace for beauty foods and I test all the products to make sure they are clean. And if you don’t have a soy allergy, almost all of the remaining concerns about soy lecithin (pesticides, solvents, and GMOs) can be completely eliminated by purchasing products that contain organic soy lecithin. These phytoestrogens could reduce estrogen’s effects, which may lower the risk of breast cancer and help alleviate menstrual symptoms in women, explains the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
    Benefits of Soy. I have found that the Kraft Deli cheese doesn’t have it, or so they say. The soy version did NOT reduce my cholesterol, and I had cognitive problems with it. Lecithin is also available as a health supplement; proponents claim that it can benefit the heart, brain, liver and athletic performance. Of course, in an ideal world, we would be able to avoid these things altogether, and I certainly recommend reducing your exposure as much as possible. Is it safe to eat regularly? We provide sources to our claims and periodically update our content as new research develops. To get these ingredients to stay together you need an emulsifying agent. "Soy lecithin was found to be strongly estrogenic" Until I looked carefully, I thought Soylent didn't actually contain any Soy. Hope you are all well!