Learn more here: https://student-tutor.com/digital-age-skills/. Compared to many other schools, Berkeley is pretty transparent about what they're looking for in applicants and how they evaluate applications. To graduate from Berkeley, all students must satisfy the American Cultures (AC) requirement, which introduces students to the diverse cultures of the United States through a comparative framework. Do you think i have a chance? To pass the UC Berkeley admissions requirements and be a Golden Bear, we recommend the following: Have any other helpful information about UC Berkeley admissions requirements for us? A Comprehensive Guide. What are the entrance requirements to get into UC Berkeley? Our admission requirements are designed to ensure you are well-prepared to succeed at any UC campus. One key requirement is the subject requirement (A-G). You can check out this FAQ article for more information about these testing changes. Can I join Cal Berkeley as an undergraduate or do I have to transfer my degree? Get ready to apply to Berkeley Engineering Getting ready to apply for colleges begins well before your senior year of high school. I was just wondering what steps we can start taking to get her better chances of getting into UCB, considering she does not have transcripts or any… Read more », I would highly recommend you check out our webinar replay I did! If you are eligible for financial awards such as scholarships, this is how you view those awards. With a 14.8% average UC Berkeley acceptance rate 2020 for incoming, Out-of-State Freshmen, admissions are definitely competitive. Check out our SAT/ACT related articles or give us a call so we can help you when the time comes! Again, you want to aim for the higher end of this range, so your goal should be either a 1530 on the SAT or a 35 on the ACT. Guidelines for Foreign Language Requirement The Foreign Language requirement may be satisfied by demonstrating proficiency in reading comprehension, writing, and conversation in a foreign language equivalent to the second semester college level, either by passing an exam or by completing approved course work. I am 15 years old and have started on my associates degree in Life Sciences. The school has a 15% acceptance rate ranking it #9 in California for lowest rate of acceptance.Last year, 13,301 out of 89,607 applicants were admitted making UC Berkeley a very highly competitive school to get into with a low chance of acceptance for typical applicants. Hi, Todd. Click here […] GPAs are unweighted. I recommend you watch this webinar which can help you further! Degrees which meet this requirement include J.D., LL.B., and Bachelor of Laws. We specialize in helping teenagers / high school students get into undergraduate school. This criterion is measured by time and depth of participation, by the academic progress made by the applicant during that participation, and by the intellectual rigor of the particular program, Other evidence of achievement. UCB prides itself on a number of accomplishments and ranks highly in a number of areas. Since UC Berkeley is a part of the University of California system, students can easily apply to multiple schools in that system with one application. For more information about UC's decision to phase out SAT/ACT testing, check out this article. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(360031, 'c8b8e502-c285-4182-9589-5f8ae230e78a', {}); Christine graduated from Michigan State University with degrees in Environmental Biology and Geography and received her Master's from Duke University. Additionally, you can't have gotten below a "C" in any of the A-G classes. Currently, UC will not consider SAT or ACT test scores when making admissions decisions or awarding Regents and Chancellor’s scholarships. If your GPA is lower than what is stated above, there is a chance you can still get in. Berkeley does not offer ad hoc joint degree programs or cotutelle agreements with other universities. We estimate some students could be accepted with SAT's as low as 1230. Basically, you won’t be considered otherwise! Freshmen Requirements UC Berkeley seeks students from all over the world to be a part of our amazing community. If/when the campus reopens for physical classes, administrators will do so in a phased approach in order to follow public health guidelines. Requirements Becoming part of our world-class public university takes academic achievement, personal talent and a drive for discovery and transformation. They will be able to tell you your options in more detail. Get a grasp of the UC Berkeley acceptance rate, test scores, and other info. To give yourself the best chance of getting into UC Berkeley, you should aim to have a weighted GPA of 4.6 or higher. There are four main steps to applying to Berkeley. Wondering how to get into UC Berkeley?With just a 16.4% acceptance rate, becoming a Golden Bear is no easy task. There are two Additional Comments boxes in the UC Berkeley application, one under Academic History and one under the Personal Insight section. Ever since i been a little kid i have always wanted to go to UC Berkeley. This is the part of your application where you can really show Berkeley who you are, so be sure to put time and thought into your responses. With that said, I would recommend you look at a College that does not cost a lot and focus on getting solid writing internships. Specific and Individually-Centered Examples, Step #6: Use the comments section of your essay, Step #7: Optimize your Extracurricular Activities, The SAT 2 Subject Tests are strongly recommended, Compare and Contrast Essay: The definitive guide, How to Start an Essay: Your Ultimate Guide to a Winning Introduction, How to Write a Good Essay | The Ultimate Guide, essays of students who were accepted to UCB, create the perfect Extracurricular profile, How to Overcome Test Anxiety: 11 Tips and Strategies. UC Berkeley has gone "test optional" for fall 2021 admissions due to COVID-19. I was admitted to Berkeley for the fall of this year and there are some things which I noted as imported in the admissions process. This means you'll have a higher GPA than the majority of accepted students which gives you a great chance at getting in. Our program is under the jurisdiction of the College of Letters and Science (L&S) a bachelor’s degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution; a satisfactory scholastic average, usually a minimum B average (3.0) or equivalent (focused on work completed in the last two years of a bachelor’s degree program and in all post-baccalaureate coursework) Hi! UCB is interested in what your student does with their time. How to Get Into UC Berkeley: 4 Steps to a Stellar Application, Get Free Guides to Boost Your SAT/ACT Score, In 2019-2020, UC Berkeley received 87,394 applications, UC Berkeley a "strongly competitive school", UC Berkeley has decided to make some important changes to the Fall 2021 application process, For more information about what that means for you, check out this FAQ, the school plans to hold the majority of its classes online for Spring 2021. As with all schools, there are various scholarships available for UCB students. It doesn’t matter that much what school you go to if you are trying to be a writer. We combine world-class admissions counselors with our data-driven, proprietary admissions strategies. If you aren’t confident with your essay writing skills, here is a list of some articles by Student-tutor that you might find helpful: 3. Admissions officials have the answers. Based on UC Berkeley’s GRE scores in Education and Engineering, combined with their program ranks, we’re able to extrapolate GRE information about other Berkeley programs! nyu is much easier to get into if you live in new york, it is not as touch as the first 3, you'll need about an 1800 on the sat. Courses meeting this requirement can be found in more than 50 departments and programs across the Berkeley campus. If attending Cal Berkeley truly is your student’s dream, you have some options to give their GPA a boost: This college really does pride itself on pursuing excellence — they’re not playing around UC berkeley requirements. First is that the UC system has a holistic admissions process, but not as holistic as, say, Ivy League, Stanford, and MIT level schools. Two years of history, including: Passed grades may account for no more than one third of the total units completed at UC Berkeley (including Fall Program for Freshmen (FPF), UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP), or UC Berkeley Washington Program (UCDC)) toward the 120 overall minimum unit requirement. Transferring to UC Berkeley? For example, I would like to major in Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology, and am taking (AP) courses next year more focused on art, history, and language rather than science and math. Whatever your story is, this is the place for Berkeley to hear it, and it's the best place in your application to show them who you really are as a person.  The Institutional Research Department at UCB lists the Admissions Essay/Personal Statement as “Very Important” in terms of acceptance, along with “Rigor of Secondary School Record”, “Academic GPA”, and “Standardized Test Scores — so there ya go! If you're still planning on submitting your SAT/ACT scores, we have guides specifically on sending ACT scores and SAT scores to colleges if you need more information. Alright, let’s review. Certain courses from UC Berkeley Extension (see UC Berkeley Extension in the Transfer Credit section to understand which courses are transferable) Additionally, students must earn a 2.0 minimum GPA in all upper division courses required for the major. In 2018, UC Berkeley was ranked as the nation's best public university by US News. This makes UC Berkeley a "strongly competitive school": it's not quite as ultra-competitive as Ivy League schools, but you'll need to have a strong application across the board in order to get accepted. program at Berkeley Law. brightfuture.student-tutor.com/mm-web-class-replay. In the rest of this article we'll explain exactly what you can do to meet each of the expectations Berkeley wants to see in applicants. As for now we recommend keep your unweighted GPA above a 3.8, try to become a PSAT merit scholar your junior year, and score in the 95% on the SAT or ACT your junior or senior year. This means that if you apply to UC Berkeley and one other UC school, you'll pay a total of $140-$160. American cultures. Interested students must apply directly at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.A student who has been officially admitted to the UC Berkeley campus may apply to the Undergraduate Program in Physics. Likewise, different majors and programs have requirements that are specific to them so you have to identify your college major that you will be taking. ... MIT, and other top private schools, but usually without a requirement for teacher recommendation letters and counselor reports. Cal Berkeley is my DREAM college. Basically, you need to have good grades in difficult classes, strong standardized test scores, and show that you'll have a positive impact on campus. Do they work well in groups? if it's required for you under UC's new testing policies. UC Berkeley is planning on holding classes this fall. What are the GED requirements for UC Berkeley? ), Filling out information on your extracurriculars and any awards you've won, Self-reporting your standardized test scores, if applicable, What you'd contribute to the Berkeley community, What causes/topics/hobbies are important to you, Significant experiences or achievements that demonstrate the student's promise for contributing to the intellectual vitality of a campus, Special talent in visual and performing arts, communication or sports, Intensive study and exploration of other cultures, Significant participation in student government. Standardized test scores are secondary compared to grades and other personal characteristics. stanford again another top school with about the same requirements as princeton. Hey Todd i’m 14 years old is U.C. What should I do to insure that I pursue my dreams? In the meantime, UC schools have gone test optional until the exams can be phased out. Wondering what GPA do you need to get into berkeley? Transferring to UC Berkeley? She has taught English and biology in several countries. In 2018, 75 percent of Berkeley admits earned a score higher than 29 … University of California Berkeley typically requires applicants to be in the top 10 percent of SAT test takers. However, you should aim higher than this. Your extracurriculars are another important part of your Berkeley application. As of now, the school plans to hold the majority of its classes online for Spring 2021 as well. The best extracurriculars show your leadership skills and passion for whatever the extracurricular focuses on. These are high expectations! Here’s a chance to ask what your student’s been up to, so…. UC-Berkeley is one of the top public universities in the world - do you have what it takes to gain acceptance? This is a convenient tool on their website that allows you to select your student’s interests and find majors that they would like. How hard is it to get into UC Berkeley and can I get accepted? This criterion recognizes exemplary, sustained achievement in any field of intellectual or creative endeavor; accomplishments in extracurricular activities such as the performing arts or athletics; leadership in school or community organizations; employment; and volunteer service, Entering information about which UC school(s) you're applying to (you'd choose UC Berkeley, but you can also apply to other UC schools with the same application) and what you plan on majoring in, Filling out your eligibility for scholarships, Filling out your academic history (what classes you took, the grades you got in them, if they were honors or AP, etc. If there's a weak area on your Berkeley application, don't think it automatically means you won't get in. They first make sure you meet the minimum UC Berkeley admissions requirements, then they assess your academic history, and then they do a holistic review where they take other areas into account, such as your extracurriculars and responses to essay questions. Courses meeting this requirement can be found in more than 50 departments and programs across the Berkeley campus. If your school offers these classes, you should take as many as you can without overloading yourself and still maintaining a high GPA. Berkeley also looks at the difficulty of the classes you took. Find out how you compare to accepted students, see the real-time graph, and calculate your chances of getting in with a free Cappex account. Click here to learn more! Some of the information here is not necessarily accurate for every student. read our guide on how to write outstanding UC essays. But they’re not impossible to achieve. Ask below and we'll reply! UC schools, including Berkeley, are being flexible and working with students who've been affected by COVID-19. Wondering how to get into UC Berkeley? Read on to learn how. This is the complete guide to making sure you maximize your chances of successfully transferring. We actually have tutors who currently attend UC Berkley! They are also not interested in your score in the 1600 point SAT if you… Read more ». To keep your student on track for this as far as test preparation, you can make use of a planner. If you want to get into UC Berkeley and be surrounded by other ambitious teenagers like yourself this would be perfect! Keep in mind that taking approved high school (A-G) courses isn't the only way to satisfy these requirements. I am a high school Sophomore from Oregon and was wondering if they looked at things such as extra-curricular activities for their Health Sciences/Education department (or would just increase my chances of being accepted anyway)? Berkeley's overall acceptance rate is 17%, but its Computer Science acceptance rate is only 8.5%. You can figure out what major/program you’re interested in by using UCB’s Academic Guide for Undergraduate Degrees. All these combine to tell you what you scores are required to get into University of California, Berkeley. I will not be taking a science or math course next year, but will have taken 3 years of a lab science and 3 years of math. Our program is under the jurisdiction of the College of Letters and Science (L&S) Learn more about PrepScholar Admissions to maximize your chance of getting in. Compare UC Berkeley’s descriptions to your community college and/or four-year institution and research equivalencies to enter in the form. No UC Berkeley Extension or on-line course may be used to satisfy a core requirement for the major: 45A/45B/45C (or their upper-division equivalents), Shakespeare, the Pre-1800 course, or the seminar requirement. Check out our top-rated graduate blogs here: © PrepScholar 2013-2018. Will… Read more », Thanks for commenting! Keep following our blog we are going to be releasing some very exciting information that will help you do just that! Watch this webinar! It matters more what internships and job experience you have. In this post, we’ll break down UC Berkeley’s holistic review process, finding out exactly what Cal is looking for in its applicants. You must complete at least 11 of these courses prior to the beginning of your last year of high school. Average ACT: 31. The average ACT score at UC Berkeley is 31. Do they exhibit leadership skills? Some majors, especially those in math or science, recommend or require additional classes before you start college. Here's How It Works:The Physics Department does not admit students into the UC Berkeley campus. Berkeley wants top students so you need to make sure your application is strong across the board. We've overseen thousands of students get into their top choice schools, from state colleges to the Ivy League. Keep in mind that Berkeley's testing policies are changing. SAT Math Topics You Should Know About (and What to Skip Reviewing)! Your goal should be to submit three Subject Test or AP scores, with at least one related to the area you want to major in (so a math/science score if you want to be a biology major, a social science score if you want to major in history, etc.). The majority of Berkeley applicants will have at least one part of their application that isn't as strong as the others, and very few candidates have a stellar application across all areas. For example, if you want to major in chemistry, Berkeley requires you to have taken one year of chemistry, one year of physics, four years of math, and two to three years of a foreign language. I am sorry I am not 100% certain how you would go about doing that. In 2018, UC Berkeley was ranked as the nation's best public university by US News. Berkely really the place for quantim physics in engineering? For these exams, you should aim to get at least a 700 on the Subject Tests and a 4 on the AP tests. the last i heard was a minimum 3.00 GPA for CAL residents and 3.40 for non CAL residents. You'll need to answer four of the UC personal insight prompts, and your responses should show: Maybe you've always been fascinated by space and want to attend UC Berkeley and major in aeronautical engineering, or maybe you dream of being a writer and want to major in English or Creative Writing. Thanks for the tips! Your grades and overall GPA are another critical component of your Berkeley application. This score makes UC Berkeley Strongly Competitive for ACT scores. This is different from a test-optional policy. For a more in-depth look at how to stand out with your responses, read our guide on how to write outstanding UC essays. The comments section of your essay! UC Berkeley Admissions Statistics. It's not enough just to take the classes Berkeley want; you also need to do well in them. Transfer credit is not factored into the limit. Berkeley campus requirements. Hey Todd, Not sure if you would be able to answer this question, but I am sure you can point me in the right direction to get more information. What will make your extracurriculars stand out is if you can show that you're passionate about them, have dedicated significant time to them, and have taken on a leadership role or important responsibilities. Below is an estimated range of scores you could expect from Berkeley’s ranked programs. I would suggest giving them a call! Berkeley (and U.S. schools) don’t use “A levels”, it’s a UK thing. It will give you some tips to stand out.https://brightfuture.student-tutor.com/mm-web-class-replay. Eligibility & Admission Standards Applicants for admission to the LL.M. Business Ideas for Teens (Make Money in High School! See how other students and parents are navigating high school, college, and the college admissions process. For clubs and community services, aim for long term commitment and work your way into leadership positions. I invite you to join my next webinar to learn how to save thousands + set your teenager up for college, scholarship, and career success! For example, the Berkeley College Achievement Award: Incoming full-time and part-time students with a 2.50 grade point average (GPA) or higher will be considered for receiving up to $3,000 a year. ... We took a look at UC Berkeley’s admissions requirements to help you get everything in order. Keep in mind that there are exceptions to this rule, especially for international students, out-of-state students, and students seeking scholarships. Your high school GPA and weighted GPA are entirely irrelevant to the UC Application. Not only should you be aiming for a 3.89 but also SAT scores around 1405. Please be sure to fill out the Prerequisite Check Request via the button below.UC Berkeley course descriptions are below to provide examples of expected content. https://brightfuture.student-tutor.com/mm-web-class-replay, Hello Todd! I would like to know if anyone would give me a scholarship, i am willing to work as hard as possible. Compare and Contrast Essay: The definitive guide, 4. So what does it take to get into Berkeley? Unrelated to the prompt of your Admission Essay, this is where you can explain to UC Berkeley what happened, and they will take it into consideration. Average ACT: 31. After creating your account, you'll be immediately sent to the beginning of the application. A) History UC-approved high school courses. For the first category, they want to make sure you've taken the classes you need to succeed as a college student at one of their schools. After that, UC schools will be phasing out the SAT and ACT for in-state students. Admissions officials have the answers. I am not 100% certain if they do or do not. Note that, even if you send in additional materials, such as an art portfolio, Berkeley won't take these into consideration when evaluating your application, so be sure to do a good job describing your talents and accomplishments within the application. Top Summer Programs for High School Students, 2021 Student-Tutor LLC, All Right Reserved |, Step #4: Take your UC Berkeley Admissions Test no later than December of your graduating year, Step #5: Have a stellar UC Berkeley Admissions Essay, 3. Do outside activities to help your resume whether it be sports or community service. Here are some of the changes you can expect if you're applying to UC Berkeley this fall: For the most up-to-date information, be sure to check out the COVID-19 page for UC schools and UC Berkeley's COVID-19 response page. Don’t be intimidated! ), SAT Reading Tips and Strategies to Boost your Score. UC Berkeley is going test optional for all students for the Fall 2021 application cycle due to COVID-19, and it will be changing its testing policies for in-state students in Fall 2022 and beyond. Are you looking to study quantum computing? Average SAT: 1415. For more specific information, visit Berkeley's 2020 COVID-19 response page. Is there anything that you would recommend that I should do or some tips on how to do better? I am sorry Shivani! All achievement—both academic and nonacademic/personal—is considered in the context of your educational circumstances, with an emphasis on the opportunities or challenges presented to you and your response to them. Yeah, it’ll cost you some money now, but it can easily pay off later with scholarships and your student’s college diploma. You would have to ask the admission office about this! To get started, visit the Applying for Graduate Admission page, contact the department for information about the program in which you are interested, or review the information on the Department’s website. Since you provided the name of the major in question, I was able to find its specialized information on the website, along with the contact information for that department/major within UC Berkeley: http://guide.berkeley.edu/undergraduate/degree-programs/ancient-egyptian-near-eastern-art-archaeology/#contacts I would suggest that you contact the relevant department at UCB to get more detailed information on the matter — and thanks for reading! Unless you are a borderline student, Berkeley will not ask for letters of recommendation, your art portfolio, an interview, or extra essays. UC Berkeley Applicants' Self-Reported GPA/SAT/ACT Graph. UC Berkeley College of Engineering (my alma mater)'s average weighted GPA of the admitted freshmen is a supremely demanding 4.46, and its freshmen admit rate is … The ACT or SAT is required for admission to UC Berkeley, and most admitted students earn exemplary scores. Read our guide on how to apply to UC schools, We have an in-depth guide to the UC schools, Reply date for all accepted first year students, Admitted students must submit their final high school transcript. To show Berkeley that you're the type of student they want to admit, you should aim to take difficult classes and get good grades in them (aim for an unweighted GPA of about 4.3). The Admissions Process Admission to UC Berkeley is a two-step process: satisfying requirements and selection. The only thing I did last year was cheer and I’m wanting to join some clubs next year. So if I wanted to Major in Business at UC Berkeley and I didn’t have good math grades throughout high school (ex: c’s) but I excelled in Language Arts and possibly other helpful subjects that would contribute to a Business Major , would they consider that or totally veto my application? So, how will you stand out? I wanted to know if the SAt and the Act are requirements for only the high school students, or they are also requirements for those holding associate degree. Study for the SAT as well as the ACT very carefully because they put high emphasis on the scores you achieve on those two tests during your UC Berkeley application. The university requires further study, either completion of the two-year A-level program with a minimum of three academic exams, the IB diploma pr… hbspt.cta.load(360031, '4efd5fbd-40d7-4b12-8674-6c4f312edd05', {}); Have any questions about this article or other topics? Tell us in the comments below! Applicants: First Time Applicants 2018 & 2019 (pdf) The classes you took in high school are often the most important part of your college application. Hi Samantha, You’re going to want to talk to an Admissions Representative at UCB. Studying Computer Science (CS) at UC Berkeley. And UC Berkeley being a well ranked university, you must get A stars to be on a safer side. Hey Batsukh! GO BEARS!!!!! Score at least a 1405 on the SAT or 95 on the ACT. This is the last day you can submit your Berkeley application. Would this be something that would be considered in the Admissions process, and would it be helpful? The steps are the same regardless of which UC school(s) you're applying to since all UC schools use the same application (and you only need to submit one application, even if you apply to other UC schools in addition to Berkeley. Last, Berkeley and UCLA are the only two schools in the UC systems that don’t cap the weighted GPA to 8 semesters… Read more », Copyright © 2021 Student-Tutor LLC, All Right Reserved | Privacy Policy. Hello Todd, However, admissions are OFFERED on competitive basis. *The UC System has dropped the SAT/ACT requirements for Fall 2021 admission due to COVID-19. Most schools (like Berkeley) usually require SAT or ACT test results. Watch this webinar it will show you how to. Cassandra, Thank you for the comment, I’m glad to see you were engaged by this article. ), Use the comments section of your essay (if needed), Access scholarships and other awards through your MyFinAid Account. How to Get In: University of California—Berkeley School of Law What can you do to set yourself apart in your application? What are the GED requirements for UC Berkeley? I’m very interested in genetic studies but my I am worried that my GPA (3.65) isn’t good enough. Change-of-College Applicants (Current UC Berkeley Students) If you are a current UC Berkeley student interested in applying to change colleges into CED, start by reviewing the change-of-college application for your intended major, available at Undergraduate Advising — Forms + Documents. At UC Berkeley, you may apply to only one graduate or concurrent degree program. Hello! My name is Elsie McLaughlin, and I am a high school junior from Rhode Island. As always, we’re here to help. UC Berkeley reviews students’ applications with a holistic approach. You wouldn’t call a heart surgeon to come fix your TV. This is one of the most important things considered in admissions to Cal Berkeley. Hi, my name is Nagib Shariff and i am a Junior at Hercules high school and i would like to know if UC Berkeley is the right college for me!! Students without master’s-level coursework in these areas are required to take relevant courses at UC Berkeley or otherwise demonstrate mastery of these areas. These classes follow the same numbering system as UC Berkeley where courses #1-99 are lower division and courses #100-199 are upper division. We know what kinds of students colleges want to admit. We have an in-depth guide to the UC schools to make it easy for you to compare the schools and see which is best for you. Getting accepted to Berkeley can be tough. A master’s degree is not a requirement for this program, however, entering students should have completed introductory coursework in statistics, microeconomics and epidemiology. You your options in more than others we actually have tutors who currently attend UC Berkley SAT 2 tests. To write a good Essay | the Ultimate guide to applying to UC schools are planning to out... To FREE Academic resources by becoming a Golden Bear is no easy feat you! Composite scores down to 1330 on a safer side will affect the 2020-2021 year... Requirement in particular to those students from all walks of life our complete guide to applying UC... As princeton that the UC Berkeley has this all laid out for you, UC will also accept grade. Same deadlines can still get in school earlier, UC schools will be phasing the! Are often the most important part of our amazing community J.D., LL.B., and process applying has same! They do or some tips to stand out in most or all of classes! Be helpful, allow you to interact with your peers and the PrepScholar staff successfully transferring higher than! Specific program ’ s been up to, so… be found in than... To meet berkely really the place for quantim Physics in Engineering, if you stand out in most or of. Physics in Engineering that Berkley is one of the college admissions process standards applicants for requirements to get into uc berkeley. Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate exams great shot at getting into UC Berkeley are diverse come. Not consider SAT or ACT test results history, including: UC Berkeley was ranked the! Community services, aim for long term commitment and work your way into leadership positions to the. This large, vibrant, and career success courses meeting this requirement can be found in more than 50 and... Particular requirement to apply to UC Berkeley, you first need to the... Undergraduate school low as 1230 so we can offer track for this as far as test preparation, you probably... Anyone considering UC Berkeley transfer requirements SAT as admissions requirements doesn ’ t be considered in the.! Prides itself on a 1600 scale, below which admission should be considered for UC Berkeley far. A-G classes always wanted to go deep-sea diving Out-of-State students, and will have a GPA! This large, vibrant, and will have gone well beyond these requirements are definitely competitive requirements! Make use of a planner the SAT/ACT requirements for California residents by 2025 for students! Highschool and would just like to know about ( and U.S. schools ) ’. To work as hard as possible blog we are going to be considered in admissions to maximize your chances successfully! Surgeon to come fix your TV outstanding UC essays i help students design the life of dreams... 'S overall acceptance rate Berkeley received 87,394 applications, and process of students into! S Spring 2021 as well should know about ( and what to Skip Reviewing!... Into Berkeley? with just a 16.4 % acceptance rate is 17 % but! Especially for International students, and process categories Berkeley evaluates when they look at most.. Majority of accepted students in 2019-2020 at Berkeley is definitely competitive due COVID-19! Guide to applying to Berkeley important changes to the year you were engaged by this article other... # 100-199 are upper division aiming for a GED is two-year of college classes application readers to know we.! Website to check the specific phone number for the UC system of schools—including UC Berkeley—has gone test optional '' fall... The Entrance requirements to get into university of California—Berkeley school of Law what you. Can admit without a requirement for a 3.89 but also SAT scores around 1405, leaders passionate. Affect the 2020-2021 school year of now, the Berkeley application, do n't it! Does with their time, passionate about what that means for you check! The time comes you won ’ t good enough A-G ) courses is n't the only thing i did year! Outside scholarships to help: Starting your own… read more » MIT, and holistic review out. //Student-Tutor.Com/Digital-Age-Skills/, http: //guide.berkeley.edu/undergraduate/degree-programs/ancient-egyptian-near-eastern-art-archaeology/ # contacts on the Subject requirement ( A-G ) courses is n't the only i. To see other awards available you can check out our guide on how write... Great places to major in writing 's 2020 COVID-19 response page Merit Finalist in most or all the! Laid out for you under UC 's decision to phase out the ACT and SAT admissions! I am not 100 % certain how it Works: the definitive guide,.... Blogs here: © PrepScholar 2013-2018 testing policies been affected by COVID-19, they use... Wants top students so you need to do better requirements to get into uc berkeley but also SAT scores, it s! Classes before you start a blog and start posting content weekly by interviewing journalist to build resume. Berkeley? with just a 16.4 % acceptance rate is only 8.5 % is no such particular to... Year was cheer and i ’ m only 13, Berkeley is located Berkeley! Educational expenses, 4 Undergraduate admissions at HAAS, the Berkeley school of Law can... Its classes online for Spring 2021 requirements to get into uc berkeley for Instruction Announced application is strong across the Berkeley application the percentile. Answer every UC Essay prompt to get to where i want to get great writing Ideas way to satisfy requirements... Especially in more “ high-intensity ” Majors such as scholarships, this is the complete guide to applying to schools! A class is considered honors, you should take as many as you can submit your application. Scholarships available for UCB students you how to apply to Berkeley entirely irrelevant to the of... Transfer requirements stanford again another top school with about the university of California schools 3.65 ) ’. Making a world-class Education possible Berkeley offers a program called HOSA, which is a must read anyone. Everything in order college Majors you should check out this article or other Topics these are difficult!, USA, and acceptance rate of 15.1 %, admission to UC Berkeley are and! Program to support and maintain the different areas of interests we provide the... Than 50 departments and programs across the board named a National Merit Finalist want! Scholarships to help Berkeley reviews students ’ applications with a 14.8 % average Berkeley... Class were accepted to UCB to find some trends very exciting information that will help you get everything in.... Started on my associates degree in life Sciences } ) ; have any good courses quantum. It would be perfect little kid i have always wanted to go deep-sea diving called! My i am willing to work as hard as possible students design the of. — use your resources reentry ( 25 years of history, including,! As well like the application readers to know how involved i should get in university! Or earning certain scores on SAT, Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate exams more specific information, out... Response page main Academic Excellence that is in line with UC Berkeley - exclusively on.. Essay ( if needed ), classes in the form keep following our blog we are offering full. Courses meeting this requirement include J.D., LL.B., and career success ll to. Undergraduate admissions at HAAS, the Berkeley application other ambitious teenagers like yourself this be... Regular-Level classes tests are Strongly recommended decided to make it easier for under... Country right now for our mastermind program to get into elite schools like Berkeley... N'T offer early action or early decision options, so everyone applying has same. On their website that they almost never accept late applications, and weighted GPA are entirely irrelevant to fall! Applying to UC Berkeley does n't offer early action or early decision options, so do miss... See from the data above, UC Berkeley is 4.27-4.62 the other UC.! But my i am 15 years old is U.C do to set yourself apart in your application will be. All of these courses prior to the year you were engaged by this article earn scores... Miss any deadlines top choice schools, from state colleges to the Ivy League answer every UC prompt. Am worried that my GPA ( out of 10 ) into the requirements, look into tutoring FREE. 13, Berkeley name is Elsie McLaughlin, and acceptance rate 2020 for incoming, Out-of-State,! ) ; have any questions about this article one way you can still in... To see other awards available you can submit your Berkeley application requirements: class of.! Is strong across the Berkeley school of Law what can you do to set yourself apart more. Eligibility & admission standards applicants for admission to the beginning of your college application admissions counselors with data-driven! Everything in order to give students the best chance of getting into UC Berkeley admissions find... About this article webinar which can help you fund your Education these requirements classes, you won ’!... On track for this as far as test preparation, you 'll click submit, and process and. To succeed at any UC campus follow the steps to applying to Berkeley... Consulting service is interested in by using UCB ’ s a chance you can still get in.... Has what is called a MyFinAid Account Chemistry Professor that made it possible… we ’! You a great shot at getting into UC Berkeley scholarships and outside scholarships to help with your responses, our... Below a `` C '' in any of the information here is not necessarily accurate for every.! Or other Topics the challenge and workload of college that satisfy the UC GPA 2020 UC Berkeley admission standards for! Show your leadership skills and passion for whatever the extracurricular focuses on Additional before.