• Emotionally Connected Products

    In shows, there is an important link between the live experience and that of a TV spectator. Through an emotional connected product, we can further increase the visual experience, whereby spectators are part of the entertainment.

    • Football League: A connected scarf will generate a link throughout a league that will bring the user closer to the club, generating conversations, gaming, branded content, etc. By making it smart, it acts as a protection barrier against the pirating of licensed products.
    • Cycling Race: In order to seek greater participation in each stage, maintain activity throughout the race and therefore make the user's experience more intense, a smart product or smart merchandising will lead to an engagement that will remain throughout the competition.
  • Experiential Marketing

    We turn each show into a personalised experience with the generation of contents of interest and integration with the brands. With Symplio devices, we awaken the passion to offer a more intense experience, providing added value and services.

    • Music Festival: A beverage brand sponsoring the festival will give ticket-holders a personalised smart bracelet, creating an interaction with the audience through games and prizes, contents that will be shared on the social networks.
    • Private Party: We turn the Premium invitation into a personalised smart object, bracelet or pin which will be the connection element with the consumer. The brand will activate the branded entertainment campaign prior to the event to foster engagement, which will be maintained during and after the event.
  • Proximity Marketing

    Beacons offer personalised experiences to a target group, generating a unique flow of communication when the user is captivated. Speeding up the registration process and collecting information, visitors move around more easily and effectively.

    • Commercial Centre: We define a route strategy to discover the cold areas and the hot areas, fostering homogeneous circulation to capitalise the less attractive spaces on one hand and for security reasons on the other hand.
    • Trade Fair: Using Beacons, we offer users personalised experiences that make them feel unique and special. We give them the opportunity to experience the fair intensely, maximising their time and capitalising on the commercial actions of the exhibitors and the fair's organisers.
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