Simple straight flights of stairs can span either transversely (i.e. Design a straight flight staircase in a residential building that is supported on reinforced concrete walls 1.5 mapart (center-to-center) on both sides and carries a live load of 300 kg/m2. Avoid larger centre-to-centre distance between columns. Also, straight stairs may permit a change in direction at an immediate landing. The material which suits to our building is chosen. When initial discussions about the concrete spiral staircase began with the client, the objectives were to create a functional staircase that would take up as little space as possible, to open up the room to the 2nd floor for better air circulation to distribute heat more evenly through the home, and of course to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art to compliment the modern decor. Slab is given its thickness and the slab type is defined as membrane element which is used to represent only the inplane stiffness of members. There are typically two stringers, one on either side of the stairs; There are several possible arrangements of straight stairs. To design a staircase is a very special disciplin. From the weight of construction materials, the dimensions of members, and specified live loads from the code of practice. The minimum vertical distance from the nosing of a tread to overhead construction should preferably never be less than 2100 mm. The staircase is a … If shear walls are designed, the shear and the axial forces are obtained. Curved stairs when viewed from above appear to follow a curve with two or more centres of curvature, such as an ellipse. However other materials like steel and aluminum are also used in the construction. Practical Steps in Design of Concrete Buildings Concrete is arguably the most important building material which plays an important role in all building structures. Generally, stairs are usually of the following types: Straight stairs are stairs along which there is no curvature or change in direction on any flight between two successive floors or levels. If you do the modelling right, then half the road is traveled. See more ideas about Concrete staircase, Staircase, Stairs design. Building interior concrete stairs is a complex project, as you have to build a formwork, install a structure of reinforcing bars, pour concrete and finish the stairs with a float. When you start drawing the model, there are many options. Staircase | Eurocode 2, Ideas on the selection of staircase dimensions, Sample design of reinforced concrete staircase, Analysis of Bridge Deck Girders under Load Model 1 (EN 1991-2) Using Staad Pro, Nigeria Road Traffic Signs and their Meanings | Information and Pictures, Out-of-Plane Two-Way Bending Analysis of Unreinforced Masonry Walls, Design of a Building Against Internal Explosion, Quantity Estimation Guide for Construction Sites, Shear Wall-Frame Interaction in High-Rise Buildings, Structural Analysis and Design of Residential Buildings Using Staad.Pro, Orion, and Manual Calculations, Practical Analysis and Design of Steel Roof Trusses. Results from the analysis such as displacements, reactions, bending moment, shear forces, storey drifts can be seen on the structure. When the stair spans longitudinally, deflection considerations can determine the waist thickness. Staircase design at its best! Can you identify the cause of failure of this building? All structural concrete/ retaining wall / column / beam / _ _ _ _ _ _ f’c= 3000 psi H. STEEL: ASTM A36, Fy = 36 ksi for Structural Steel ASTM A615, Gr, 40 for #3 & 4, Gr.60 for # 5 and larger rebar steel ... the analysis and design of primary structural system. Concrete stairs for commercial and residential projects Floating concrete staircase passed the structural test in 2011: Just now the new development, a self supporting concrete stair has been loaded with 350kg and has passed the test. The stairs and landing are all supported by the beams along the short direction; no support along the long direction (flight of steps) The design moments for the stairs and landing may be determined by a simple static solution. Earthquake is not likely to occur simultaneously with wind. READ PAPER. For columns, the axial forces coming on it, the bending moment and the shear forces can be obtained. Dead load: This is the load on a structure owing to its self-weight. It is also recommended that when an access height exceeds 600mm, a staircase should be provided. The standard tread width can vary from 700 mm to 1300 mm and more, whereas the thickness of the concrete floating tread is from 60 mm to 100 or even 110 mm. The structural idealisation of the staircase is shown below; Thickness of waist and landing = 200 mmDepth of riser = 150mmLoad actions on the stairsConcrete self weight (waist area) = 0.2 × 25 = 5 kN/m2 (normal to the inclination)Stepped area = 0.5 × 0.15 × 25 = 1.875 kN/m2 (global vertical direction)Finishes (say) = 1.2 kN/m2, We intend to apply all gravity loads purely in the global y-direction, therefore we convert the load at the waist of the stair from local to global direction by considering the angle of inclination of the flight area to the horizontal;𝛼 = tan−1(1.2/1.75) = 34.438989°Therefore the UDL from waist of the stair in the global direction is given by = (5 × cos 34.438989) = 4.124 kN/m2, Total dead load on flight area (gk) = 4.124 + 1.875 + 1.2 = 7.199 kN/mVariable load on staircase (qk) = 4 kN/m2The load on the flight area at ultimate limit state = 1.35gk + 1.5qkEd = 1.35(7.199) + 1.5(4) = 15.719 kN/m2, On the landing;gk = 5 + 1.2 = 6.2 kN/m2; qk = 4 kN/m2, The load on the landing at ultimate limit state = 1.35gk + 1.5qkn = 1.35(6.2) + 1.5(4) = 14.370 kN/m2. It is often stressed that any structure which is to be constructed should satisfy the need and efficiency with which it is intended and it should be durable for its desired life span. The detailing components include concrete beams, columns and walls, steel framing, beam schedules, column schedules and connections. Railing: Framework or enclosure supporting a handrail and serving as a safety barrier.

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