Change Your DNS Settings. Use either Lan Cable or Wi-Fi and then choose custom. Every time when you open a gaming server, a website you use DNS. It’s a useful system for us since no one person can possibly memorize the IP address of each individual website in the world wide web. Click Done to update the DNS. DNS translates domain names to IP addresses. Then the problem might lie in your DNS configuration and you need fastest DNS servers for PS4. MTU Settings: Select Automatic. Google’s public DNS server is a good example. To remove PS4 gaming lag and slow internet problems, you need to configure best DNS servers for PS4 and you can do it very easily. Here are the steps to do this: DNS servers let your PlayStation 4 know where a gaming server or website is located on the web. How To Fix PS5 CE-110538-8 Error | Won’t Read Blu-Ray Disc. Above are some of the best DNS servers for ps4 that you must use to get better internet connection speed. Changing DNS settings on the PS4 is really easy to do and can make a huge difference if your broadband provider’s DNS servers are unreliable and/or are geographically located a significant distance away from your location. All the PS4s around the world query these FQDN (it's hardcoded in the FW). In the case of wanting to use alternative DNS servers for PS4 and thus improve our gaming experience, the following should be noted: OpenDNS Home – and Se6 MTU as Automatic and Proxy Server as Do Not Use. Here is our list of the best free public DNS servers and the DNS servers of the major ISPs in the UK. best DNS servers for PS4 2020. The direction of DNS servers is also different. It’s possible that your ISP’s DNS is down or having some overcapacity problems, especially during peak hours. Some are free and some are paid. Everytime you play online, browse the PlayStation Store, do an online transaction, or chat with your friends, your PS4 uses a DNS server. Fastest DNS Servers for ps4 2019 and fast dns server 2019 DNS Settings: Select Automatic. These servers are generally faster and safer than your default DNS servers. Just try a different one from the list and you’ll stumble upon the fastest DNS server for PS4. [CDATA[ OpenNIC is a non-profit organization. On your PS4, go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection. To change your DNS settings on PS4, do the following: Go to Settings > Network > Setup internet connection Choose your connection type (Wifi/LAN, LAN is much faster). From the PS4 menu, go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > choose either Wi-Fi or LAN cable (Wired). For many, this is fine and does not usually present problems. Your DNS is mostly provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), but you can and you should change them to custom DNS. Changing the DNS servers on your PS4 poses no threat to your games, apps, or files and folders. Be aware that many online guides are out-of-date and some software that has been used to the past is no longer supported. It doesn’t use traditional DNS servers for operative purposes. The best DNS for PS4 The truth is that there is a large list of alternative DNS servers from which we can choose the ones that offer the best experience. Use your controller to navigate through the Home page to the Settings icon and open it. Many routers set themselves as your DNS server. There are two DNS servers that you can change — primary and secondary DNS. The Domain Name System (DNS) is like the phonebook of the internet. You can easily revert back to your default DNS server if nothing else works. One of the fastest DNS servers we’ve used are the ones from Cloudflare. One of the simplest, yet sometimes effective ways to fix an internet connection issue on the PS4 is to change its DNS settings. The key is to try out as many as possible to find the right one for you. Required fields are marked *. Click on the different category headings to find out more and change our default settings. Official PSN Resolver. Click Done to update the DNS. DNS servers that are available to everyone are called Public DNS servers. Start by creating a new user on the PS4. To update the DNS values on your PS4, power on your console and log in to your account. google dns servers, fast dns provider. Once your ExpressVPN account is synced with the DNS system you have selected, it is time to setup your PS4. You won’t need to change the DNS settings on your PS4 if you have already done so via your router. Changing the DNS settings on your PS4 is as simple as going into your console’s network settings and typing in the needed information. Before you go ahead though, be sure to do some research on which DNS servers you want to use. Open PS4 Settings and go to Network Turn on your PS4 and go to Settings menu and select Network option. Changing your DNS settings to a custom pair is very easy on the PS4. The next time you make the same request, your router remembers the IP address and results in a faster response. But its hidden and you don’t see how the DNS is communicating to open a server. This is the point where your DNS server matters. If you use Airtel, then they’ll provide you with their own private DNS servers, and you cannot use any other DNS server. Google DNS (Best for PS4/XBOX One) Google DNS was launched on December 3 rd, 2009. There is no specific best PS4 DNS server. The DNS settings listed on the Overview page can be input to your router, for the entire network, or directly to your PS4 through Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection. There are a couple of methods you can follow to find the best DNS server that suits your PS4. Choose any custom DNS of your choice and type the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS. Select the game you’re currently downloading and tap the X button. When you make a request for a new website URL or domain then your router’s DNS server asks your ISP’s DNS for the respective IP address and then completes your request. Visit our TheDroidGuy Youtube Channel for more troubleshooting videos and tutorials. Provider: Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: Speed: Nat Type: Google D 215.5 MBps U 9.8 MBps 2 Cloudflare DNS … Now under the network setting menu, you will see a Set-Up internet connection screen, hit X on that. However, we highly recommend that when picking the DNS server to use, only choose companies with clean track records. To configure the DNS for PS4 you have chosen, you will have to (1) first configure a static IP in it. Zip Code(92371) Tested From A First Generation PlayStation 4(PS4)(Destiny Glacier White) Console, On 1 Gig Download/Upload Fiberoptic Internet Through Internet Service Provider (IPS) Race Communications. Another reason why you may want to change your PS4 DNS servers is if your PS4 is taking its sweet time to pull up the PlayStation Store, app, or any website using the console’s browser. It’s an internet system that helps your device find the location of a website by matching a domain such as into a specific set of numbers called an IP address. Select the following options: IP Address Settings: Select Automatic. Select a DNS server from the list. Google, Cloudflare or OpenDNS). However, some ISP-provided DNS servers are less reliable and may suffer from slowdowns from time to time. 1 Create a New User. Each one has their own shortcomings and some may work better for some people and work slowly for others. Given below is a list of Public DNS servers. By default, your PS4 will use the DNS servers of your Internet Service Provider. Custom PS4 DNS servers are set up by private companies. How To Do A PS4 Factory Reset | Easy And Updated Steps | 2021. So, instead of typing an IP address like to open Google website, you simply have to type in the domain in the address bar. Steps to change the PS4’s DNS Server Some, of them, take the main goal – the maximum increase in speed. Simply download and launch our app to find any player online. We recommend changing your DNS settings from their default settings (provided by your ISP) to those of the top Public DNS servers (e.g. There are several reasons why you may want to change the default DNS settings on your PS4. In a game scenario, your DNS has to be fast to connect to your game servers quickly. DNS, also known as Domain Name System, put simply is like a phonebook. Like most of the DNS servers, it’s a good alternative … How To Fix PS4 WS-37397-9 Error | Can’t Connect To PSN | NEW 2021! If your firmware version is >7.02 you are out of luck there is no public exploit available and you cannot downgrade. Your email address will not be published. Changing the DNS settings on your PS4 is as simple as going into your console’s network settings and typing in the needed information. However, blocking some types of cookies may impact your experience of the site and the services we are able to … It converts a hostname like a to an IP address like When used for a gaming console like the PS4, the Dyn DNS is able to register multiple devices and locations so that no data or saved processes are wasted. Select your internet connection method, then select Custom. Rather, it dwells on custom-designed cutting edge … Many PlayStation 4 gamers would prefer to change their DNS settings if they’re experiencing connection problems like lag or latency. From the PS4 Menu, scroll right to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Select either Wi-Fi or LAN cable (Wired) Wi-Fi: Custom > Select Network > Enter Password (automatically saved if you are already using this network) > IP Address Settings (automatic) > DHCP Host Name (Do Not Use) > DNS Settings (Manual) LAN (Wired): Custom > IP Address Settings (Automatic) > DHCP Host Name … As mentioned above, third party DNS tend to be more reliable than ISP DNS. PS4 factory reset or hard-wired connection. Open the PS4 settings tab and go to the Network setting option. In fact, changing of DNS servers is one of the staple troubleshooting steps that we also recommend all the time. In this brief guide, we’ll explain what a DNS is and how to use the faster DNS servers. On the PS4, go to the toolbar and choose the icon on the gear (adjustments) and press the X button on the controller. DNS (Domain Name System) works in … Make sure the PS4 is on a firmware version <=7.02 (Settings > System > System Information). You can do this by heading to the DNS configuration icon on the main page after you have signed in to your account, and the process after that will be apparent. Is there any harm in changing my PS4 DNS server? Once you’re on the Settings page, you’ll find the Network Settings option. If you use Wi-Fi, select the Wi-Fi tab or select the LAN tab if you use an ethernet cable. Select “Set Up Internet Connection” Under Network menu, you will be many options and you need to open Set Up Internet Connection screen. Change DNS Settings On your PS4 Home Screen, go to [Settings] -> [System] -> [Automatic Downloads] and disable all options Go to [Settings] -> [Power Saving Settings] -> [Set Features Available in Rest Mode] and check [Keep Application Suspended] If this is the case with your Smart DNS provider, you can find your PS4's IP address by going to the console's main menu and selecting 'Settings' > 'Network' > 'View Connection Status'. Select your mode of internet connection. Try out different DNS from the above table until you find the fastest one that works for you the best. Absolutely. You just need to manually configure your internet connection, and when you reach DNS settings, input your own custom pair, which the PS4 will then use to connect to servers intead of your ISP default ones. You can fix the issue by going into network settings to either set up internet connection again, or change DNS. How To Change The DNS Settings For Your PS4. You can contact your ISP, or you can enter your router IP address in the URL bar and go to your router settings panel to see your DNS server. There is no harm in changing your DNS server and the process is completely safe. Top Best DNS Servers for PS4 1. Keep me up to date with content, updates, and offers from PSN Resolver, How to Speed up and Make Games Download Faster on PS4, PS4 Proxy Server – Setup and Configure the Best Proxy Address. Obviously this is a problem when your DNS servers are somewhere that you aren't (for example, using … How To Fix PS5 Won’t Install Update | Easy Solutions | NEW 2021! When you get to DNS Settings select Manual and set the Primary and Secondary DNS to the IP address you noted above. How To Fix PS4 SU-41333-4 Error | Won’t Update | NEW 2021! This method has been proven by lots of users to be useful for many issues such as League of Legends high ping, lol RADS error, and other types of issues. Changing DNS settings can help break many limitations with your IP addresses and access PlayStation services. //]]>. Fix 1. A bad DNS can greatly affect your internet speed in a negative way. While using third party DNS does not guarantee that your connection problems would go away right away, such servers are statistically more reliable than your standard ISP DNS. Before you go … We visited tons of websites like or you might be visiting to fix the lag issue in PS4. Ps4 DNS settings page lies within in-network and there is an option to use DNS for ps4. Looking for the best and fastest DNS servers in the UK, or the best DNS settings for the PS4 or other games consoles? In order to fix DNS-related issues, you can use more robust third party DNS servers like the ones from Google and other companies. You will then need to configure your DNS with your PS4. Methods to search for best DNS servers for PS4. DHCP hostname: Select Do Not Specify. Most people use the Google DNS servers ( and but other companies like Cloudflare and OpenDNS are equally fine. DNS servers guide the PS4 where gaming servers (websites) are physically located on the www (world wide web). We access websites by their domain names like, whereas web browsers access them through IP (Internet protocol) addresses. Is your PS4 internet slower than what your ISP provides? Custom Ps4 DNS servers also help you avoid censorship over the internet. Also read: PS4 Proxy Server – Setup and Configure the Best Proxy Address. A custom DNS server can help you bypass that. This happens when the particular DNS server is very far from your current location and is experiencing heavy traffic at the moment. The DNS server I tried has made my connection slower. You can enter your DNS and IP addresses in there to enhance your console speed and connectivity along with using ps4 ports and MTU settings. One of the simplest, yet sometimes effective ways to fix an internet connection issue on the PS4 is to change its DNS settings. Choose any custom DNS of our choice and type the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS. It makes the internet more secure and faster. Also read: How to Speed up and Make Games Download Faster on PS4. This will manually act on the parameters of your internet connection. So, when your PS4 downloads a game, it will create a DNS query for or Read the following ways to search for a good DNS and try the one method suitable for you. Best Gaming DNS Servers for your Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch One you’ve gotten the DNS servers you plan to use, continue below. You need to select either LAN or WiFi depending on how you connect your PS4 to the internet, Change the IP Address to Automatic and set DHCP as Do not specify. Do you have a noticeable lag in your PS4 or are you facing problems even connecting to PS4 servers? Try out different DNS from the above table until you find the fastest one that works for you the best. Before jumping in, you should have basic knowledge about DNS servers and what happens when you use custom and fastest DNS server for PS4. The most popular IP Finder and gamertag resolver for PS4. DNS or Domain Name System, in short, its the phone book of the internet. By this point you will have eliminated all of the most … The problem is that the GeoDNS servers don't know where you are, only where your ISP's DNS servers are; this is because you make a request to your configured DNS servers and they make a request to the GeoDNS servers, and of course get a response based on their location, not yours. Of course, when the IP address of the device changes, it requires an immediate change in the hostname, too. It has been the world’s largest public DNS, managing more than four hundred billion server requests daily. List Of 15 DNS Servers For PS4 For The Area Of Phelan, California. Press X on the selection to load the Network options on the screen. From there, enter the Primary DNS as “” and the Secondary DNS as “” What are DNS settings? To set up DNS on PS4 Just follow these steps: Go to settings option from the PS4 home menu and then to network option. Set MTU as Automatic and Proxy Server as Do Not Use. You might’ve noticed that sometimes you cannot access a particular video or website because it’s not available in your location. Under Network menu, you will be many options and you need to open Set Up Internet Connection screen. If you want to avoid encountering browsing issues and a generally faster internet connection on your PlayStation 4, we recommend that you set up internet connection again and use a pair of fast DNS servers. With Custom PS4 DNS you can also regulate other people usage of the internet and regulate parental guidelines. A quick Google search should give you a list of free and fast DNS to use.Once you’ve decided on the DNS servers, follow these steps to put them into your PS4: // Network > Setup Network to setup a network. Now change the DNS Settings to Manual to set custom fastest DNS on PS4. DNS servers provided by companies whose services you use are mostly private. What DNS does here is translating the domain you are visiting IP address to your server so the browser can load. Naturally, security systems slightly reduce performance. At the same time, other servers have a bias towards improving user security. Now go to set up Internet Connection. Restore DNS settings. These servers can be faster and much safer than private DNS servers. OpenNIC.

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