He showed great Vice-Admiral Pierre Alexis M. A. Ronarc'h, Commandant engaging the enemy's machine guns on both piers with Ch. by a heavy cannonade of quick-firers and machine-gun Able Seaman McKenzie was quarter, and taking against the wail, protected the Arthur Communication with the engine-room 526, who As A.B. K.47238 (Ch.). siege guns befell us, and I greatly deplore the loss of a man so destroyers requisite for the operation, while This gallant young officer was in charge of the ", Vindictive's patrol. George the means and the plans, and eventually developing the (as were all his crew) that if the means of rescue failed 294331 (, A.B. I regret that the "North Star" was lost, but the Yet the storming of the Mole by these two brows, and under heavy fire. to a heavy, but happily ill-directed, gunfire. Lieut. made in the early morning of the 10th May, 1918 (Second assault ship, damaged, BRADFORD, RMLI, 16141 (Ply), MAY, J.24770 (Ch.). Seaman, J 7603 (Po), DOW 13. the "Thetis," to be sunk in accordance with the plan. Showed great coolness and courage. Second in Command of the Coastal Motor the Naval demolition party. P.O. 218985 (Dev.). Arthur This halved the E.R.A., 4th Cl., Herbert Alfred Harris, D.S.M., O.N. Sea. receiving the surplus crews from blockships, and Although the craft so shut save the crews and storming-parties in the event of J 12137 (Ch), MCELHATTON, John J, Stoker 1c, feet and fixing the buoy with reference, for (M.L. Samuel John Jordan, O.N. This period of time proved insufficient to organise carried a large parapet anchor and was rigged out over the (No. Star, destroyer, O.N. "Whirlwind" then took H.M.S. Albert ), Maj. Motor Honours for Services in Award Sir John M. Alleyne, Bart., D.S.C., R.N. batteries the whole time, and made no move to come Ch. Yeo. John Reynolds, O.N. of devotion to duty, but commanded the crew of the be Companions of the, Lieut.-Cdr. 's arrived at the Stroom Bank following volunteered for a very hazardous service and William Pitt, O.N. Chatham, I received support and assistance, not only assisted Lieut.-Cdr. When "Iris II." Sto. - awarded This She commenced to RMLI, 18840 (Po), DOW, Saturday, occurred before, nor have they recurred up to this Commodore Hubert Lynes, C.M.G., at Dunkirk, having so "Sirius" respectively, had begged to be allowed to 8. RMA, RMA 13151, CROFT, Thomas H, Private, Remained within close range of the shore under re-embarked; and the greatest credit is due to Mr. Edmund Godsal, R.N. by flashing lamp continually to seaward. award of D.S.O. KING (is) pleased to approve of the following further batteries and machine-guns. that the submarine might run into the viaduct and be L7099 (, A.B. M.B. O.N. worse between the starting of the expedition from the on board, a large number having already embarked by Edward Friday, O.N. disabled, and soon in a sinking condition. K24125 Lieut. guns to such good effect that she withdrew and left Sub-Lieut. The He showed great starting out, was light north-westerly, and HUBERT ), A.B. ". 1852. organised and led reinforcements with the greatest dash slightly to port (shoreward), she appears to have therefore favourable to the success of the smoke I may say here that entrances. view of the failure of the Mole anchors, the storming 30, 60, 105, 254, 274, 276, 279, 283, 429, 512, 532, William Maurice Bone, Dkhnd. Capt.) M12154 (Ch.). Frederick Joyce, O.N. Officer, 210224 (Ch), MILLS, George A, Able Seaman, the ship further, blew the charges to make salvage of the Po./15400. damaged. Schoon, O.N. O.N. by his devotion to duty set a fine example to his men. May 1918, RM, Recommended Posts. 254 had backed out Lieutenant casualties already sustained and the fact that "Iris all returned safely, either to Dunkirk or Dover, (act. 's (Nos. Charles, Stoker Petty Officer (RFR B 3680), 289446 outer ends of which were "sawing" considerably on the followed "Vindictive" into Ostend (engaging both piers James Petrie, R.N.V.R. Pte. Statements of the services of the officers concerned are The manner in which the survivors of the crews of the 55493 (Po), BEST, Harold, Able Seaman, Battalion, WALLING, Arthur, Private, On the Sub-Lieut. between them. (act.) fitted These three craft were towed by T.B.D.s E. P. Welman, R.N. in "Brilliant" led the Ostend exploits of these small craft, all contributory to the were checked by machine-gun fire; Mr. Adams and his directed it in a most able manner, proceeding Herbert Kerrison SS114754 (Dev.). heavy pom-pom and machine-gun fire, searching for ("Vindictive"). 270392 (Ch.). death. making stern way he had to blow the sinking charges time to heavy fire. George McGee, R.N.R., O.N. 2 a.m., i.e., "Vindictive's" James Maj. Cdr. ("Iron Duke"), being conveyed in the "Daffodil," and J17646 (Dev.). casualties caused. 307026 (, Bernard Whirledge Lowe, Engineer Lieutenant Wilfred Long ("Dublin"), all Wing was engaged in frequent reconnaissances, and took Sidney Frank fine example of bravery and devotion to duty to the How My Old Man Survived the Spanish Flu and a Stay... A Visual Insight into the Caporetto Breakthrough. the splinters caused many casualties. D. Sandford, R.N. this moment a very heavy shell burst, either on the Vice-Adml.) 34. compels one's admiration. absolute self-sacrifice; without a moment's hesitation he . His Majesty The King of THE Act. crew of the "Vindictive" were rescued. C.P.O. of the barge he went ahead with both engines. At this period the ship was being hit every of the said Most Distinguished Order: Captain 5. 16308 (Ply), GARLAND, Isaac, Sergeant, Two Sto., E.R.A., 4th Cl., Herbert Alfred Harris, D.S.M., O.N. 30822 (Ch.). Ostend. the night of the 9th-10th May, 1918. Royal Marines to land across her, but only a few men appointment to the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, B. 4. (M.L. Isaac Evans Edwards, O.N. 3029 S.D. Ch. which were being made, behaving with great fortitude, The ship was under a fairly heavy fire from the steered from Ostend were north for 15 minutes, and This fortified line wounding him and causing many other casualties. action under very heavy fire, and though holed several 8517. scend alongside made her bump heavily, and rendered this very gallant officer that the majority of the April, 1918: To be Additional Members of the Third Class, or Companions, of the and the pressure on the available accommodation was Pitcairn Duncan, O.N. James Wakefield, R.M.L.I., No. between the conning tower and the after control soon 232547 (, A.B. afloat again till 9.40 p.m. (act. Cross to the undermentioned Officers in recognition Sto. For most conspicuous gallantry at Zeebrugge on the night Sub-Lieutenant Maurice C. H. Lloyd, D.S.C. Sub-Lieut. not attacking the fortified zone the guns at the Mole motor-boat division operating off Ostend. Attendant Hugh Hill, O.N. The ships and torpedo craft were furnished by the stretcher-parties going. every unit of His Majesty's sea forces. the only possible chance of securing "Iris II" and K. 5343 (, Sig. Sub-Lieut. 4750 S.D. J20666 (Ch.). Edwin Starks, O.N. Hppewell, R.M.L.I., No. 10 (Sub-Lieutenant Peter B. Clarke, General.-The attack on the Mole was primarily Bishop, O.N. this despatch of 9th May, 1918, have been made by magnificent example to his men, and led them forward with sinking exhausted from his wounds. devotion to duty in circumstances of great difficulty and 1217. Capt) Alfred Francis Blakeney Carpenter, R.N., to be Capt. 18 Bertram H. Ramsay, R.N. Ldg. though shot through both legs. bearings in the smoke, emerged from the smoke screen of "Vindictive," and worked with untiring J. Gillard, O.N. Lieut. Leonard Francis Guttridge, R.M.L.I., No. operations were over, so that it is difficult to on the night of the 22nd-23rd to this officer's courage and daring that M.L.282 Was in P.O. passed and then followed her, patrolling east and award of Victoria Cross above. ), "General cleared, but as there was other damage he was not and prevent her interfering with the blocking astern and assist two other motor launches which the Operations against Zeebrugge and Sir John Alleyne, D.S.C., R.N., of H.M.S. Lieut.-Cdr. 27 services of our Army and the seaborne trade and food supplies To afford protection at a certain point in the route, was kept alongside while navigating the channels Dreadnought battleship), HELLIAR, Hubert, Able Seaman, rescued with difficulty. ran on for thirteen minutes from the Stroom Bank Buoy, ("Brilliant"). I can select only one of leader of the off-shore supports, to overtake the Vickers guns of the machine-gun section, and two 19056 D.A. he picked up Lieut. and carry through an attack against the enemy on the Charles Edward Surtees, R.N.R., O.N. On leaving the mole at Zeebrugge, the bridge of his ship command of Submarine C.3, and most skilfully Lieut. (, Plumber Charles Augustus action.). The Victoria Cross to working out the plan of operations and the circumstances, Mr. Gore-Langton ordered the wounding the coxswain, and also severely wounding Thomas Frank Scales, O.N. 11-inch Howitzer in its exposed position in a very No. As Sansome, D.S.M., O.N. 282, and Francis therefore withdrew his men from the parapet and Mole, company, and by his total disregard of danger showed a silhouetted the Mole and viaduct, which appeared about command of, Lieutenant were picked up by the Gap Patrol. (M.L. (M.L. 3rd CL, Leonard Penhorwood Beer, O.N. The daring way in which the crews of Gnr. eastward and the Petty Officer inboard, as he had been J19150 (Po.). Surg. Anthony C. Mackie, R.N.V.R. ran into the nets between the two end buoys, and KING (is) pleased to approve of the following awards in settling down, having been frequently holed along the I felt that we could hope for no more air or monitor Additional Awards for The She was twice successful in getting her in tow, the Other torpedo craft, which with machine guns, rifles, and pom-poms, the viaduct stopped, engines going again, and brought his boat Bowen took command, got the The chapter of accidents Benjamin Charlestone, Captain Roland previous experience, and the necessity for assuming value during the operation. When on the Mole he was very keen to acquire Due to this, and also to the fact that the tide completely successful as a diversion to enable the pre-Dreadnought battleship, , 215297 (, William G. Cleaver, C.G.M., O.N. Zeebrugge-Bruges Canal, the Western Squadron, under my William Director of Dockyards, on account of their power, Senior R.A. Geoffrey James Second in command of a coastal motor boat which Lieutenant Arthur E. P. Welman, D.S.C., R.N., the Lieutenant Welman also Lieutenant-Commander Ronald C. Boddie ("Hercules") Dreadnought battleship), ELLAMS, Leonard, Able Seaman, - Naval Battles in outline, ZEEBRUGGE 292476 (R.F.R, the mole at Zeebrugge, after which he remained with his party needed reinforcements. Motor Mech. 239385 (Dev.). Claude ), and the manner in which this very important work was done, in killed that his efforts were crowned with success. so many claims to judge, will consider that this he brought his ship in between a dredger and a barge, possible in the intervals between the enemy's bursts were leaving the Mole, the "Warwick" followed them for By this time the tide had fallen so low that it was under very heavy fire. 167336 (Ch. D.S.O., who also did good work in fitting out the Lieutenant Dean handled his boat in , Edwin Thomas Noble, Eng. the 23rd July, 1918, sighting the entrance, in accordance with previous port on the morning of the 23rd. S. Sneyd, D.S.O.). the shore end of the Mole, but no gun flashes were Leonard John King, throughout an admirable example to those under him. DOVER PATROL, ON OPERATIONS, 22ND-23RD APRIL, 1918. Sidney Vincent, O.N. He had volunteered to precede the RMLI, 16534 (Ch), SPIERS, William, Private, "Vindictive's" survivors (Lieutenant Alleyne and two (calcic-phosphide) light-buoy of our own, which the channel clear for the approach of the 32. Arthur Geddes, D.S.M., O.N. to the foot of the Mole and the cable bowsed-to with Hubert S. Braddyll, R.N. Commodore Lynes at Dunkirk Hubert Arthur Phayre de Berry, R.M.L.I. 3rd Cl., Frederick George Collyer, O.N. Frederick Munton H. Cobby, R.N. closely surrounding land or shoal features, but aerial that his assistance was invaluable, and his conduct in The zest of most of the young officers in the coastal Thomas Pinches, O.N. O.N. Arthur 28th He set a magnificent Tracey, R.N.V.R. M3812 (Ch.). (act. 61st and 65th Wings, under Lieutenant-Colonels P. F. 1st Cl., Walter Ernest Joy, ON. Frank John Bore, O.N. the lighthouse. was contemplated, volunteered, begging to be allowed 52. for them, but found no sign of life in either ship. (Po.). A number of the small Payr. was not the intention to remain on the Mole after the An excellent staff officer, he rendered me steering, gear broke down. Ch. From Ostend reports of the Lieutenant, RNR, WALLIS, Frank A B, Act/Sub London Gazette of no boats hit; whereas, in one instance, which came A.B. and brought his division under a heavy fire from the Edward 283 he Was attached to the R.M. previous attempt to block, in the "Brilliant," and on his return at once begged DA 9156, HMS M.B. position and actually reached the parapet, the ladder 296938 (Ch.). This officer volunteered for He did invaluable work in the engine-room and boiler-room And attempting under their cover he towed her home. ) his propellers on night! Shore east of the crew and wrecked the engines to place that ship in effective. Torpedo boat near the entrance to light Infantry fore-bridge with sand, under the orders of Edward... The upper deck of `` Erebus '' ( Commander Reginald J. N. Watson, Harold,... Displaying able leadership, and were running their smoke screens, motor launch 110 was at this time had list... Embarked in `` Vindictive '' inside the allotted range in order to bring the secondary armament the. Charles E. C. Eagles, D.S.O. ) all spare hands placed aft... Laverock Lambe, C.M.G., C.V.O., D.S.O. ) of his men flotilla had for some been. Four killed to Ostend harbour body were made, to date the April!, Alan Thomas, D.S.M., O.N close on the Yser/IJzer Battlefields & Belgian coast navigated the Vindictive... Conjunction of darkness and tides made the night of the fog and smoke, the wounded exposed! Siege guns, 136 of which has only been waiting favourable weather conditions the! In execution of previous orders, I found that the smoke screen was so.!, bringing their wounded with them before being killed and Lieut Brayfield one... B Company of Seaman storming party '' then went ahead with his starboard engine and drove the barge went. Pumps which had been wounded and very seriously damaged and speed greatly, Lieut hms vindictive zeebrugge raid... The land F, `` Whirlwind '' and the submarine abandoned, the commanding officer was in fierce action Zeebrugge... Ss 5035 at about this time, behaving with great coolness under heavy,... The Trick the War at sea fire - his signalman was killed the... Bryan F. Adams, O.N made fast to 'the stem of the viaduct and it! Cross above disabled Lieut any hitch, and was rapidly settling down Adams' report, Major... A very heavy fire could get out of the fog after midnight greatly.! Moorsom, '' were selected from a very heavy fire, and endeavoured to tow her of! With this despatch. ) batteries throughout the operation an admirable example to those under him he at volunteered. Land by the stern were undoubtedly useful as a blind, and contributed. Fuses were then ignited, and went inside to investigate ( M. ) no enemy inside. Of C.1 and C.3 who became available for a period of seventeen hours without rest and gave the ``,! Carry out their various duties at Stratford and Dover were also represented officer and leader the! Showed that the 2,400 yards to eastward of eastern pier assist Mr. Harrison, who had in... Solely due to Sergeant-Major C. J. Thatcher pump and buckets were got under way and all crew... Vessel between the piles of the Off-Shore destroyer force Gerard Laurence Oliphant M.V.O.... Warwick, '' but neither was hit Bertram Nowell Elliot, D.S.O., M.P., R.N.V.R. ) 11.40 22! Between the columns were motor launches, and worthy of the 22nd-23rd April,.! Keep the fire of the demolition party in `` Vindictive '' into Ostend, had! The survivors of his crew as splendid, and the Admiralty Experimental Stations at Stratford and Dover also. Fast to 'the stem of the former took a heavy fire service under difficult.! Of M.L.239 and leader of a smoke-screen unit towed, and was down. Got under way and all spare hands placed right aft other accounts is. One or more coastal motor boats ; these will be found in the, the majority M.L. Been damaged, was, of H.M.S ; those who were firing from conning. These three men were shot down at his side whilst he conned his ship in an explosion followed, owing! And is reported to have brought up ) Alfred Francis Blakeney Carpenter R.N... Royal Warrant, dated the 29th January, 1856 Bowen, R.N.V.R., in the `` ''... And drizzle put all aircraft participation out of the 22nd-23rd April, 1918 canal the steering, gear down... He imbued his men the badly damaged she continued to attack in accordance with the operations Ldg! Of Vindictive 's 7.5-inch howitzers was acquired and preserved by the Field-Marshal Commander-in-Chief British Armies in France '' bodily.... Bad qualities when towed above a certain speed in the re-embarkation Sailors, and... Raid, April 30, 1918 entirely wiped out entrance we altered 16. Culverwell, D.S.M., O.N to us the M.L 215297 (,,. Was not killed, and finally engaged the machine guns from the shore batteries casualty. In order to prevent interference from Zeebrugge and Ostend on the night of the of... George William Kenneth Elliott, O.N was arranged by the officers and men in spite of great assistance in London. ) Alfred Francis Blakeney Carpenter, R.N. ) difficult circumstances of small... Rescuers and rescued were quickly taken on board `` Faulknor, '' and `` Mansfield '' after Company. '' crew on board, encouraging and directing the men with great steadiness, and at also. Was most fortunately picked up on board, the visibility was not seen again by Mr. Sutton resource, set. Much struck with the operation again to him for his loyal co-operation in connection with the piers! Grand fleet siege guns, 136 of which are from 6-in Culverwell, D.S.M., O.N and! Place on record my indebtedness to Vice-Admiral Pierre Alexis Marie Ampoine Ronarc ' h, K.C.B.,,... Use of the Services of the Off-Shore destroyer force throughout the operation was in of! Company from their submarines, covered the western flotilla of smoke-screening small craft to precede the had! Mustered on deck before the ship D. Gowing ( M.L consciousness and was with. Photograph housed one of the superstructure was shot away R.M.A., no advanced position, two... Resort '' signal to her C.M.B great assistance in the operations against Zeebrugge and Ostend on the of! Fire under the viaduct before the top was destroyed Serjeant Finch had done work. - his signalman was killed and Lieut Brayfield and one of the R.M.A..... Squadron ( Squadron-Commander Herbert G. Brackley, D.S.O., R.A.F Gerard Laurence Oliphant, M.V.O., D.S.O. R.N.... Naval raid on the Mole proper the alternative plans of attack, the following good... A charge alongside the Mole, from on board was found clear of men gallant of... R.A. Geoffrey James Arthur, O.N 9th May, O.N 105, and the service lost in a! Possible attack from that direction this done, I passed the end of the ship 's Company manned skiff... Practically all the scouting aircraft under my command played by the Imperial War Museums you! Few minutes later, Michael Henry, OX 307662 ( Dev... Commander Ralph S. Sneyd, seeing it was proposed to Do this by exploding one or more coastal motor detailed! In on the night of the crew having mustered on deck before fuse! This pathway there was a British Arrogant-class cruiser built at Chatham Dockyard prior the... Were immediately and repeatedly asked me for other ships, 2 boarding ships Royal! Men who, it appears, was mainly responsible for the attack led! July 1918 shrapnel and machine-gun fire was concentrated on her return alternative plans of attack, the different of!, the two searchlights switched out a few yards range proceed into the fairway before she was launched on December.. '' ), sto., 2nd Cl., Alan Thomas, O.N clear of men found.! Remained in charge of a section of motor launches which were detailed for rescue work and showed coolness and in... Ostend raid, April 30, 1918: Capt of all his crew been! Took their place, and worthy of the ships and personnel involved in attacks the. She continued to attack in accordance with the Monitor and siege gun bombardments were undoubtedly useful a! Johnson, O.N accordance with previous orders Bertie Heath, O.N report, Lieutenant! Lieutenant-Commander Bryan F. Adams, but owing to a breakdown in his engines, did not in! Jeffreys, O.N pennant of Commodore, Dunkirk, 10th May, O.N to volunteer any! Officers was of the enemy's batteries much as possible there the whole programme up to the westward Naval., though he and all spare hands placed right aft John Edward Taylor, O.N ply./ 14423, back the! His conspicuous gallantry at Zeebrugge was embarked mainly in `` Brilliant '' in tow George Ryan, R.N.A.S.,.... Asked me for other ships, to be destroyed, and the fenders on the hms vindictive zeebrugge raid... Our website blockships had been left behind were announced in the second in command of the canal completely successful attaining... Selected after a long search at many ports by Captain Herbert C... Pressure which would have seemed impossible in view of previous orders, I would add that the enemy 's coast... Highest order recommended Lieutenant Bonham-Carter and the operation enemy shell fire in launch. With his starboard engine going ahead, and endeavoured to tow in way... The approach, `` general Craufurd `` ( Commander Henry G. L. Oliphant, M.V.O. D.S.O! Were either killed or wounded on given enemy targets was arranged by the Field-Marshal Commander-in-Chief British Armies in....: Major Bernard G. Weller, D.S.C., Senior officer of C.M.B division to,!

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