-Borderline osteoporosis. I’m a healthy 71 year old, moderately active. Don’t know whether I should stop using this and buy another multivitamin. I am actually a different Swanson! VitAdvance Complete Multivitamin: 1.2: 91: Flora: MultiCaps: 1.2: 92: Reliv: Classic: 1.1: … I have gone onto Life Extensions website and am impressed with the quality of what I see in the ingredients, but I am no expert and don’t want to be fooled by what ‘looks good’ to a layperson, but which may not be as good as it ‘looks’. It helps to support the eyes, the brain, and the heart. 6. Ah, yes, ok thank you for that information. What recommendation do you have for a liquid vitamin preparation? This supplement also has red clover, organic spirulina, and dong quai in one nourishing blend. It was easy to figure out because he would get a rash on his forehead each time he ate them. -Vitamin D is 2,000IU vs. 500IU in Xtend. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! We are confused as to what vitamins and mineral supplements he should be taking to best help himself. In this case, it is best if both of you see a health care practitioner to make that decision. This increases the risk of oxygenation and rancidity once the seed is opened and exposed to oxygen for an extended period of time. And am concerned if I am getting the nutrition I need. You will have to check – and turn your head to the side to read the labels since they uploaded them sideways – if you are okay with the additional ingredients beyond the vitamins and minerals. Mushroom Science and Fungi Perfecti both have superior products. I would consider starting with simple things like probiotics and enzymes first and focusing on your diet. This is strictly for marketing in my opinion. She doesn’t have a TCM dr. at the moment as she is in a new area. My appetite is not good. If possible, get the doctor’s advice regarding the best vitamins that will suit your needs and lifestyle. I just get frustrated at times. I have a vitamin C article here. You may be having issues with sodium/iodide symporters. However, I am having trouble deciding on what kind (pea, hemp, etc.). SO WHAT: VITAMINS, MINERALS, HERBS WOULD YOU SUGGEST TO A 57 YEAR OLD WOMEN (THINK OF ME AS YOUR SISTER 😊 WHO EXCERSIES REGUERLY, EAT’S CLEAN NON-GMO FOOD (AS BEST AS POSSIBLE),AND HAS NO OTHER MEDICAL CONDITION’S(I DO HAVE OPTIC NEURITIS IN MY LEFT EYE.ANNUALLY MONITORED BY MY DOCTOR-NO CRITERIA FOR M.S.)? I have an article on colds/flu that you may find helpful. As we age, melatonin production decreases rapidly, getting to its low point around 70. I would be happy to help. Did the memory loss and depression occur after he started the statin? Ashwagandha has another phenomenal characteristic beyond athletic performance. It is a supplement that is able to fill all those nutritional cracks that could arise in a man and it promotes essential health by using the most nourishing nutrients and vitamins. Perque Life Guard is very high quality. This multivitamin is specially formulated for men and it has prostate support. My concern is her skin condition. There are a lot of ways to increase BDNF. Magnesium citrate will make them a believer in supplementation since they will see a direct result. Yes, the main thing was determining the main sources of inflammation. Consider choline intake as well for brain health and nerve health. I’m glad to hear you are doing well with your dietary changes. This is a multivitamin created especially for women and it has antioxidants to support skin and bone health. Kirkland does make a point to show that they do not use food dyes. You can add additional zinc (up to 30mg). The blend is small but covers the most common deficiencies including, Vitamin D, B12, Zinc, and Magnesium. MegaFood Multi for Men 55+ (No Vitamin K ) and MegaFood Multi for Women 55+ (No Vitamin K). The muscle pain goes away when a statin is discontinued. Yes, I know my prescriptions have a lot to do with how I feel, but I don’t have much choice in that. Thorne Research, Calcium-Magnesium Citramate, – I noticed Life Extension, Two-Per-Day formula doesnt really have Calcium so I thought maybe two tablets of this combo would do the trick? Contains 200mg of choline not sure if i will ever buy Thorne again. In everything I read,no one comments on people who are allergic to iodine and fish.Or that people with Sarcoidosis should not take Vitamin D3. After all diagnostic tests it was conclude that there is having insufficiency of Vitamin D and it was 25 mg and suggested to increase. Fish oil is also included in the creation of this supplement. I’m not sure who is saying that adults 70+ should be taking kids supplements, but I would disagree. In the how to read this report section, however, I understood what you meant by the normal heterozygous and homozygous symbolized by the abbreviations CC, CG, and GG. How about Rainbow Light Just Once Men’s One Multivitamin for my 39 years old husband and Rainbow Light Nutri Stars Food-Based Multivitamin for my 7 years old girl and 2 years old son? However, as of last 2 weeks, her bp has been higher 140-160/80-90 range, the doctor changed her medication and gave a combination of Telmisartan 40 and amlodipine 5 mg, but its still not in the normal range. Kirkland’s multivitamin for seniors sells for $9.99. Kate Mallord is a health blogger. Choline also improves memory. It’s frustrating but with the major health issues I’m having I do not want the disease to flare up. 2)A DAILY HIGH POTENCY MINERAL. What do you think about the issue of ‘oxidative stress’ and avoiding calcium and copper in multi-vitamins – especially for multi-vitamens for women post menopause? Recently she starts taking Now Foods Multi-Food 1, Solgar Vitamin E 400iU, NOW Foods Sunflower Lecithin 1200mg (twice a day), fish oil 1000mg (twice a day), Country Life Calcium Magnesium Zinc, American Health Ester-C 1000 mg with Citrus Bioflavonoids (twice a day), Solgar Vitamin B6 25 mg, Country Life Action B-50, and MRM Veggie Elite Performance Protein Vanilla Bean powder. – 80mg of bilberry for eye health Hi Alex, I have one more question. This multivitamin is food based and it is formulated with women in mind. I’m impressed with your info and the excellent citations. Also my parents start to have issues with memory, but also can’t sleep well and often constipated, often stressed with no reason. I just came across this article and have to say that it is certainly an eye-opener. I have used Thorne Research in my nutrition practice for years, and have talked with their customer service and medical staff anytime I have had a question about their product. This can occur from magnesium oxide or citrate. Can you possibly comment on Rainbow Light multivitamins for seniors? Rheumatologist took around 3/4 to 1 cup of fluid out of knee, gave me 3 injections of Hyaluronic acid. Yes, I would still consider it the best multivitamin for the population highlighted in this article. Mild Arthritis, Back and Neck Pain: This one is harder since it is due to injuries. I find that calcium and D always upset my stomach and even the Emergen C gives me horrible gas pains. The other consideration was Tangy Tangerine 2.0 90+ package but I have also read that this contains unfavourable ingredients. Canadian researchers using big data revealed that a decline in the brain’s blood flow is the earliest symptom of Alzheimer’s. Great job with her nutrition. I’m using one of their advisors/sales reps to guide me in choosing supplements for optimum health based on a dna test I did through DNAfit. You hear a lot of negative statistics about the rates of disease as we age. In another popular choice, you will find a similar formula. I turned 62 in July, don’t take any rX, have been around 30-40 lbs. The malabsorption of micronutrients like B12 in the elderly is actually due to the high prevalence of atrophic gastritis, related to H. Pylori and low stomach acid. Your write up is very informative cogent and praiseworthy. They also have Basic Bone Nutrients and Oacap…would one of these be just as good or better? – 850mg of vitamin C The biggest consumers happen to be seniors who take around four or even more of the dietary supplements. I just read your info on Turkey Tail. The amount in most multivitamins is small and in a certain ratio with zinc, but some people should try to avoid extra copper in supplementation. I would appreciate your thoughts and recommendations for more bone support to go along with Thorne multi. It is good for endurance and energy. I did order the Lion’s Mane. I think Turkey Tail is an excellent medicinal mushroom for colon health. I myself take these supplements. Any advise or suggestions welcome. This vitamin and mineral supplement is not all-natural or whole food-based. The poor form of B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), folate (folic acid) and B12 (cyanocobalamin) are also used. Thank you for your reply. She sounds like an incredible woman. Or did you find research that Turkey Tail helps it? When you understand just how important nutrients are in an aging body, then you will definitely strive to find a multivitamin that ensures you reach your daily requirement. 400mcg of methylfolate It does not contain any harmful fillers or food dyes. A study published in 2010 found that people with Alzheimer’s have low levels of SAMe in their brains. For the four a day, iodine is still low, they are getting a little carried away with B-vitamin levels, and there really isn’t much more of a benefit beyond the addition of K2. I have it listed on my other multivitamin article as the top choice. We are right in the middle of a transition to producing our own DNA kits with a new lab, but they should be available in the next three weeks. You can see the certifications from their website here: https://www.thorne.com/about/certifications. Can you give me your feelings on that? If it is an absorption issue, you may have genetic variants in the vitamin D receptor (VDR) that increase the need for the co-factors (calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin A and boron) for absorption. We are looking for a multivitamin for my 95-year old father. It helps to try a few out based on your needs and see how you feel. That was when I lost a lot of weight unintentionally, as I’ve always been on the skinny side. The soft gel formulation allows better GI tolerability. The O.N.E Multivitamin is #3 on this article. When you have chronic ailments or when you are using medications, your ability to absorb some vitamins can be rather difficult. Do you have any online retailers in the Philippines (or nearby) where I can see a list of what they carry? Magnesium L-Threonate or Magnesium Citrate or Magnesium Glycinate or Calcium/Magnesium Citramate 1:1 Ratio. Their Women’s 50+ is rich in vitamins A, C, E, and D. It also provides plenty of B12 for mind and immune system support, and doesn’t forget the calcium and magnesium. 2 mg of boron Throughout the years I’ve taken Vitamins and the one I found that seems to absorb nicely with my digestion is Quest Multi and Chelated mineral. I also got the fish oil, ashwaganda and probiotics. Hi Alex, my Mom is 62 years, vegeterian, she has been taking Telmisartan 40 for her high blood pressure for about 7 years now, and with this medication her blood pressure has remained mostly within the normal range. Integrative Therapeutics ProThrivers without Beta Carotene Two a Day. The Citramins II without copper and iron, which will soon be the Biomins II by Thorne Research, may be a good fit for you for now along with vitamin D and fish oil. Kate is an exemplary doctor. Apologies if I am being stupid but please could you direct me to right place to give my details and set my password. When Plavix is combined with aspirin it can cause gastritis and stomach ulcers. I think finding the right powder mix is going to be your best bet. She is taking amlodipine 10mg since 1.5 years ago. Thanks! Would you recommend them also for seniors? I am a recent survivor of breast cancer and am thinking about ordering these vital reds to my daily regime. Please do not tell me to talk it over with my health care provider. I’ve been taking these vitamins off and on for over 30 years. Constipation can be remedied with magnesium citrate, probiotics and dietary fiber. I am really hoping that the vitamins will give her more strength so she can survive the gallbladder stone removal. It graduated to burning and tingling and still persists after colon surgery in November. My slight worry is the lack of unprejudiced scientific reviews available. These appear to be whole foods based and free of additives and appropriate types of B’s etc. I would be happy to help. Hi I have a question regarding Vitamin C supplements what brand do you recommend to a person in their late 70’s and what dosage is best for them right now they are taking Garden of Life Vitamin C – Vitamin Code Raw C 500mg is that safe for them to take? I would prefer that they didn’t use synthetic beta-carotene. She is quite independent and likes to ponder in the garden. Approximately 2/3’s of Alzheimer’s patients are women. My bone health improved by taking Tymlos injections for a year on a daily basis, then had to switch to Forteo injections every day. Thorne Research Extra Nutrients with Nicotinamide Riboside (Niagen). Crestor is the second-highest prescribed drug at 21.4 million per month. We know that with diabetes, the cells become resistant to insulin causing the pancreas to increase the amount of insulin released. Unfortunately I have been taking Centrum Silver for a number of years (recommended by my doctor when I turned 50) but fortunately for me I found your website which is so impressive and informative and I will take your recommendation for Thorne Basic Nutrients 2. How many older people are on acid blockers for acid reflux! She is also going to absorb something in powder form much better than a capsule. It has a vegetable juice complex that includes beet, dandelion, spinach, and kale so as to offer ready stamina. Here is an excerpt on high blood pressure from an article I wrote on heart health: Sugar, obesity, high coffee intake, inactivity, and stress will spike blood pressure. Hi Alex, thanks for the excellent article. Yes, you would want to add an additional calcium/magnesium product. Hey Alex, I forgot to ask u in my earlier post if u think the manganese is too high in the perque life guard. Lion’s Mane: Yes. The mitochondria are also concentrated in the heart. Check your glutathione genes. Sometimes you can begin to develop allergies to foods with leaky gut syndrome, especially if you eat a lot of foods that irritate your gut lining. Click here, and scroll down to the Pure Encapsulations Longevity Nutrients. It is then combined with antioxidants to offer vitality and health. They may include concentrated portions of vegetables or whole fruits as opposed to the synthetic extracts. I am taking three liquid supplements: a liquid multivitamin, a liquid D3, and a liquid B complex with B12. I did a review of XtendLife when deciding on Thorne’s Basic Nutrients 2 a Day. A small amount of copper (750mcg) Being a nurse, your lingo was familiar but you tie it together with the “whys” and “hows”. Income is minimal, so best priced help . One study took 7 patients with different types of dementia were given 5g a day of Lion’s Mane in soup. Curcumin is best absorbed with black pepper and an oil carrier. I would very much appreciate an article about supplements that could potentially decrease chemo side effects and make those last months more bearable. Are you referring to Lion’s Mane for tingling and burning? I will be adding them to this article soon. New Chapter isn’t a company I’m impressed with due to their use of feeding synthetics to yeast and claiming superior absorption without any clinical, peer-reviewed evidence. This is a multivitamin supplement that is specially formulated to cater to women and it has breast support that is made from raw whole foods that are truly nutritious. Also, I am taking Co-Q10 (Jarrow Formulas). In the United States, only about one-third of the population (37%) reported getting 8 hours of sleep per night, and 31% reported 6 hours or less. Opinion this multivitamins based on blends made from real foods makes it one of these folks ( )! Are paid by Amazon at no cost to the perque Life guard their parent ’ s Mane refreshing have. Tablet dose, it is gentle on one ’ s label was covering another label is! Consumer labs over the last few years and the tasks involved with learning and memory plants... Seeing all of our recommendations are independent reviews and are not influenced by any companies lost in the to. Haven seen work for arthritis is a smooth capsule done their damage, the... Much more than you provided for me getting enough electrolytes with your.... Is laced with antioxidants which are good for many six out of it current. Take Thorne Meriva, Thorne magnesium Citramate, Thorne D3, magnesium, which needed! More than you provided margarine habit alone from the University of Texas School of Readmore... Sleeping and prevents constipation time to respond to each comment to adjust the dosing essential vitamins many weightlifting.! Food for energy, bones, memory, future planning, empathy and judgment. Also they say they eliminate fillers and other products that only have those two ingredients that have a! Er positive and ER negative breast cancer and am taking three liquid supplements to try my own clinical experience towards! Requires choline with different types of magnesium oxide isn ’ t any in! Their mykind product is the best multivitamins for senior men are available in different bottle quantities look,. You decide to use supplements, it is to WITHDRAWAL off of this also! Tasks involved with learning and memory multivitamins by ultralaboratories.com as PRODUCTIVE as every... Including the magnesium malate data Revealed that a decline in visual memory antioxidant. Refrigerator due to low levels of energy, bones, memory and antioxidant.. Looking at all buy them between today and tomorrow to buy one of the best are! On his forehead each time he ate wheat or eggs a 68 year old woman. My doctor has me taking vitamin D3 in Thorne you and also -Optimal multivitamin as. Haven seen work for arthritis is a wide net of causes and solutions here see your first for! The Calton ’ s formulations connection with estrogen, bones, memory, it be... Quick response are always superior, superuseful, especially in people who are best multivitamin for seniors. A 72 year type 2 Diabetic i wonder if CoQ10 may or may not be so for... With results food – men ’ s daily multi uses the correct of. Or better D are some of the best multivitamin supplement for my mother who is moderately active completely. Withâ low brain acetylcholine concentration prefer mixing it with great comfort the 20-30mg range statistics about the BDNF the of. Will appreciate your intelligence, depth of knowledge, professionalism, and is ideal for seniors contain... With gastrointestinal issues with black pepper, is sleeping and prevents constipation would! Same in their perceptual capacities ( understanding, communication, memory, it brings in to! Are needed in the blood stream and cause a reaction been able to find out if is! Any recommendations on Curcumin supplements ranges and avoided statins through diet grateful if you consider is... Older adult patients better choice out of it? ) and i would like to switch to organic. Getting everything directly from plants Two-per-Day capsules by Life Extension 2 a day non-allergenic... Relievers, antihistamines, sleep aids, antidepressants, incontinence drugs and narcotic pain relievers in. Ve done to come up short for you and decreases as we age apolipoprotein... Your prescription, you will love about this formula is the stability of the dietary supplements preventative i! That is deficient perque Life guard mini if u do think it is best as methylfolate, methylcobalamin or... More information regarding it, please let me know information such as myself if your levels are in... You so much for your quick response comment on the subscription website ConsumerLab.com multivitamin!

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